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Vet30 & ET65 and a Marshall combo?

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05/26/2011 7:38pm

Hello. I want to replace the stock Celestion Wolverines speakers in my Marshall TSL602 with something else. Do you think the combination of the vet30 & ET65 will work in my amp with musical styles like rock, hard rock and metal? I think it will be great for rock, but i've read that maybe the ET65 is'nt going to be agressive enough for the harder music?





05/26/2011 9:12pm

The Vet 30/ET 65 combo is great if you want a fairly straight-up Marshall tone ... but with a little more low end warmth and a touch more top end sparkle.  Personally, I've been totally diggin' on the Retro 30's or a Retro 30/ET65 combo for the hard rock/metal tones.  How do you tune, and how much bottom do you like?  The answers to these questions will help determine if the ET65/Vet 30 combo is for you.  If you go down a half step (or more) or play a 7-string (or more) and don't want a very meaty low end ... then just go w/a pair of Retro 30's!  Did you catch the winner of Daniel's WGS user video contest?  The dude is in a VanHalen trib band, and he ripped off a bunch of 80's quasi-metal licks through a Retro 30 loaded cab ... it was totally perfect!

05/26/2011 10:12pm

Great video, nice playing and sound!! But will these Retro 30's sound too bright in an open back combo? I tune both normal and a ½ step lower.

If I end up with the Vet 30/ET65 combo and it gives way too much bottom then I can attenuate the lows with the a Boss GE-7(eq) I have in the effects loop. At least I think that will do it?

Do you have a video/sound clip of the Retro 30/ET65 combo?


05/27/2011 9:25am

Ya know what, I don't have any clips of any of the speaker combinations ... but that's a great idea!  ASAP I'll do some sweet-n-short clips for my blog with some of our most popular and/or recommended combinations in my 2-12 cab.  As for the Retro 30's sounding too bright in an open-back ... nope!  I've ran the Retro 30 in my Burriss DC cab which can instantly switch from closed to open and vise-versa ... and they sound very good both ways.

05/27/2011 11:29am

Hey these Retro 30's sounds better in your Veteran 30/Retro 30 comparison. Much more top end sparkle and alive sounding. With a dirty sound they are absolutely killing!

Looking very much forward to hear your clip of the Retro 30/ET65. Then I can make a choise between a pair of Retro 30/Retro 30 or Retro 30/ET65.