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Vet 30 Sensitivity

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03/06/2013 11:31pm

I've seen some lisitings around the web that list the Vet 30 as having an SPL of 100 dB (this page for instance: Obviously the current specs for the Vet 30 have it at 98 dB, but I was wondering if these listings of a 100 dB version are correct. Were older productions of the speaker louder? If so, can they be identified by a differnt label on the speaker? I love the tone of the Vet 30 but always wished it had a higher SPL so I'd appreciate the scoop on this. Thanks!

03/08/2013 10:30am

They just redid the t/s specs on a bunch of WGS models, and it looks like the Vet 30 came out right at 99dB.  Of course, every one could vary by a dB or so out of the box ... and then a little more given the life they lead over time.

Not sure where the tonetronics specs came from ... almost looks like they did them on their own. 

The sens. rating is at best only a rough estimate of a speakers loudness anyway.  Unless you only play a B4 note (about 1khz) at 1-watt and your audience listens directly in front of the speaker - in free air - at a distance of 1-meter!

03/08/2013 11:55am

Interesting, thanks for the info! As stated, I love the sound of the Vet 30, but keep getting drawn back to the Retro 30 because of its higher SPL rating. I really don't need my rig any brighter than it is (high gain JCM 800-clone) , so its increased brightness makes the Retro 30 less enticing. I think I'll stop paying attention to what the numbers are telling me and listen to what my ears like. Thanks Vaughn!