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Vertical cab

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04/15/2012 12:21pm


I am having Mather Cabinets, Nashville build a custom vertical 2x12 Marshall type cab. The idea is for the lower half to be closed back and the upper half with an oval open back. I already own an ET65 and a Vet30. I plan on the ET- lower and the Vet-upper. Any suggestions as to placement of my current speakers? Any suggestions for different speakers?

I will be using a hand made 50 watt 68 Marshall Plexi type amp with the fore mentioned cab along with a Fender HRD containing an ET65 in a wet/dry rig. 

I play mostly clean to what ever the amp can deliver out of the Marshall and the Fender HRD set crystal clean. No distortion pedals, only a Way Huge Porkloin clean drive pedal in front of the Marshall and a TC Nova System through the effects loop of the Fender HRD for the time and modulation effects.

I play what some have called an early Knopfler/Hendrix - Wind Cries Mary type tone. I use a pick and finger pick. I use harmonics a lot in passages. Mostly G&L USA guitars., ASAT Special and S-500.

I hope this info aids in your suggestions.

Sincerely, Jake Strickland


04/15/2012 8:42pm

Wow ... lots to think about!

I really like your closed/oval cab idea ... although I've never actually seen or heard one!  Personally, I like the Vet 30 (or... my choice, the Retro 30) in a closed back cab better ... with the ET65 I could go either way.

I think I'd actually go with a Retro 30 in the closed-back (that's the Wind Cries Mary/ vintage Marshall part) and the ET65 open (The Knopfler/twin reverb component) ... to achieve your "Knopfler/Hendrix - Wind Cries Mary type tone.".

I sure hope you'll hit me back with pics and maybe a youtube demo ... it sounds SERIOUSLY interesting!