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Upgrading a Super Champ XD and need a speaker recommendation

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09/04/2012 12:30am

I am doing an upgrade on a Super Champ XD. The cabinet is being changed out to a pine cabinet with birch plywood baffle, and will accommodate a 12" speaker. I was originally considering the Reaper 55HZ, however, got to thinking that I may use my acoustic electric through it, as well, which may not work with the acoustic. I am wondering if the 30 watt regular Reaper may be the better choice. I have also seen recommendations of the ET65 for a similar kind of amp (Blues Jr.) I play Americana, Country, and some rock music and would like a well rounded speaker with good bottom end that won't get harsh on the highs. Would anyone like to weigh in on this with their preference? I think that this may be a neat little rig with the right speaker.

09/06/2012 8:54pm

OK, I did some more research, and it looks like the ET65 will be a good match sonically for this amp. I like the clarity and warmth of the ET65, from what I've heard online, and from what others have said about it. WGS gets great reviews, across the board, on their products. I figure, that I already have a 2x12 cab with a V30 and a G1230H, which I will be able to use, if I want a different sound. It's a low wattage inexpensive amp, but the speaker won't be it's weakest feature.


09/08/2012 9:46am

Let us know how the ET65 works out.  I've never heard the XD, so I'm not really able to make any suggestions ...

11/01/2012 12:07pm

Great speaker! It took some time to get the cab, but well worth the wait. The ET65 was a great choice for this amp. I am still breaking it in, but it sounded great right out of the box!

11/01/2012 3:34pm

Awesome.  I just recently got a Vibro Champ XD off craigslist, and it has turned into my all-time favorite bedroom amp.  I play it almost every night in the living room with my wife and 20-month old daughter asleep above me.  Even at VERY low levels, it still sounds very rewarding.  So, I've decided I might pick up a Super champ XD or X2 as well!

03/16/2013 1:37pm

Nice Vaughn! It's been awhile now, and I still think I made the right speaker choice for this little combo. I have let a few friends play my Super Champ XD, one of which was the original owner. They were all blown away by how nice the WGS sounds in it. I will definitely buy WGS speakers again.

04/18/2013 12:48am

Hello. My first post...

I also am in love with my Vibro Champ XD, which I too bought used off of Craigslist.  

In addition, the previous owner shoehorned a Jensen 10" into the amp, which helps a ton over the stock speaker.  

In pursuit of even loftier tonal bliss, I was wondering if you have also bumped your VCHD up to a 10", and whether you did or not, what you would recommend for a speaker in that particular situation. I imagine that space constraints could be a considerable factor here.  


04/18/2013 6:18pm

I just flat LOVE my little VCXD just the way she is ... and honestly, a 10" NEEDS more room than that little cab anyway!  I'd way rather have a over-sized cab than undersized ... which always constrains the dynamics and tone of the speaker.

If I HAD to put a 10" in that poor little gal, it would probably be the little WGS Vet 10.

Check out my blog on the Vibro Champ XD:


Thomas Pennington
04/19/2013 4:22pm

I too have a SC XD head.  I've asked the same questions about what spkr to use in an open back 1x12 with that and a MusicMan 65 head.  The ET65 was recommended at one time but the Liberator was later recommended.  I don't want to end up with too dark of a tone, and I don't think either amp is too bright.  Currently using the amps with a Weber  12 F150, which sounds OK as is.  I understand that the Lib is basically a beefed up ET65 that can take a bit more power.  So will both those speakers, one at a time in the same cab, sound close to the same if I don't change the settings on the amps?  Still trying to decide which to get. Thanks in advance to all that respond.


04/22/2013 5:52pm

Personally, I think the ET65 would be a very good match for the Music Man, and the person who started this thread was kind enough to post back that he really liked the ET65 with his SC XD ... so, I think I'd probably lean towards the ET65!

Please post back with your results!

Richard D Maha
04/22/2013 8:49pm

Hi - was just reading the Q&A on the Vibro-Champ XD and your comments regarding cabinet and speaker size.  I have a 1969 Fender Champ and was considering going to a 10" speaker.  I've built the baffle myself (baltic, birch, aged Fender cloth, etc).  It looks good and fits very nicely.  My question - how much will I really gain tone and volume wise by going to a 10" speaker, given the amp and the cab size?  Also, can WGS build a 4 ohm 10" Vet?  BTW - I enjoyed the video you did on the Champ and the WGS 8" speaker.  Thanks for your help.

04/23/2013 12:35pm

I've got a couple silverface Champs ... and I actually tried the 10" thing ... and never found a 10" that I liked as well as the WGS 8" ... I actually think the Champs cab is just the right size volume for an 8, and the single-ended 6V6 seems very well mated to the 8" as well.

Now a 10, or 12" in a proper sized ext cab would be somthing else entirely ...

Richard D Maha
04/23/2013 8:43pm

Hi, Vaughn - thanks for the info.  I agree with you.  I tried the new baffle with a buddy's 10" Weber 10A125 speaker.  It sounded OK, not bad - but that was about the best we could give it.  I put the original baffle back in with the 8" speaker I've been using (sorry, a Tone Tubby alnico) and the bunch of us listening all agreed the 8" sounded better.  I appreciate your feedback - I'll probably just leave it with the 8".

BTW, I am lookign forward to the results of your test of speakers for the Fender Deluxe Reverb - I'm looking to replace the speaker in mine so your review is timely.  I'm torn between the ET65 and the G12 c/s.

Best regards,


Thomas Pennington
04/30/2013 3:56pm

Just ordered the ET65.  Will give it a bit of a break in period and let ya' know how it works out.  Thanks for all the help and comments.

07/18/2019 12:37pm

Just bought a SCXD for use as a practice and low volume amp. First thing I did was to install a JBL D110f I had laying around. Instant increase in volume due to the JBL's higher efficiency, along with no "fart" on the bottom end, plus the legendary JBL chime and punch in the mids and highs equals a much larger sounding amp, one that is very capable of handling most of my restaurant and assisted living gigs. My back has thanked me every time I use it. Love the clean BF voiced channel with my D'Angelico Excel SS.

07/27/2019 12:51pm

SCXD with an old JBL D110F ... sooooo cool! (but pretty heavy I bet)

09/10/2019 5:45am

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David Bentz
07/03/2020 12:14pm

I see this is kind of a old thread but I am currently trying different speakers for a Super Champ XD in a upgraded pine combo enclosure with a 12in baffle. I put a special design speaker in it that I got out of a Hot Rod Deluxe. Mids and highs are nice and sparkley as you would expect. Last night I put a WGS Vetran 30 in it. I didn't think I would like it because I'm not a fan of that speaker, or the V30. That said, wow! It sits in a mix with a band really well. It really beefs up the bottom end and has a scooped mids thing going on (by design and why I'm not a fan, I typically boost mids), but I really like this sound. Very marshally! I'm going to take a at least a week with it to break it in. Then I'm going to try a ET65 and I just ordered a Reaper HP to try (which I expect to like the most). I have a feeling that this amp will sing with any speaker and sound great. It will just be a different great. And if anyone is wondering....this amp with a 12in speaker and tilt back legs will keep up with a slamm'in drummer in a loud rock band. We do classic rock, but also BLS, Mettallica, Rage etc. And I don't have any problems. A real back saver since my ither amp is a Twin Reverb. Lol

07/19/2020 3:20pm

Oooooooo .... update! Yes, this is an old topic ...
I bought a Superchamp XD in a nice 1x12 pine tilt-back cab, and ... believe it or not, The G12C/S ended up winning MY personal shoot-out. YES it is a very warm speaker, but for me that worked perfect ... now, my bass n treble usually wind up each at about 5 ... used to be I ALWAYS wanted more bass from that rig.