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The Ultimate Speaker Tonequest ... I need YOUR input!

The Ultimate Speaker Tonequest ... I need YOUR input!

So, my blogging has taken a bit of a backseat to life the last two weeks, but things are fixin’ to heat up!  I’m going to assemble a group of my fellow Nashville guitar tone affectionados for some serious black-belt speaker tone shootouts. 

Will you all help?  I want some "outside" opinions.  Let me know what speakers YOU want to see compared.  I promise, we will get to as many as possible.  You can post your requests here as a response to this blog, on my YouTube channel, my Facebook page, or email me directly.

Oh, and give us as much detail as you can, follow a form something like:

Speakers I want to see compared:

Amp type I’d like to have used in the comparison:

Guitar type I’d like to have used in the comparison:

Music style I’d like to have used in the comparison:

Any other pertinent tidbits:

There you have it.  Let’s go!  We’re all in this quest together :-)

See ya next week!  -Vaughn-

01/17/2013 11:24pm

WGS speakers are so good, you really should A/B them with the speakers they are cloned from. I think WGS will come out on top!

I paired a Green Beret with a Celestion Anniversary in my Vox ac30. I swear the Green Beret kicks butt ! Love your stuff on Youtube as well. Just got a Peavey T-15 with amp in case after your review. What a great guitar, my new favorite player !

Thanks, Henree DeBaun

01/18/2013 11:01am

Cool beans Henree.

Yea, I still love my little T-15; so much so that I've been on a craigslist Peavey T-series quest.  So far, in addition to the T-15 I now have a T-25 "Special" (Special means it has an ebonite fingerboard, like the Aluminum neck Kramers of the late 70's).  The T-25 is simply amazing.  The implementation of a tone control that rolls from single coil to humbucker is actually flawless ... and I was sooo skeptical of this feature.

Oh, and I actually did a bunch of WGS vs Celestion vids way back when I started ... you can find them on this blog or my youtube ch.; but they are by and large kinda lame :-(  Sooo, I'll try to redo most of them.

Thanks for your input!

01/19/2013 10:24am

Like the dude who posted on your YouTube Chanel ... I'd like to hear as much alnico vs ceramic as you can muster.

hey, thanks!

01/19/2013 10:24am

So I'm a huge fan of the ET65 and the Retro 30. I love the way they respond in almost all situations. BUT I know they aren't perfect for everything and every amp. I'd love to hear them both put through a kind of "Pairing" shoot out if you will. Wine and cheese kinda deal... Diferent kinds of amps, Diferent cab options, different guitars and playing styles. 





01/22/2013 12:43pm

Hi Vaughn.

Im really looking forward to the 15" shootout.

I own a peavey delta blues 1x15 and I like it alot but would love to hear the blue marvel(stock speaker) compared to the WGS G15C & G15A.

I play mostly blues and rock/hard rock with either a les paul or sg3.

Ta very much.


01/30/2013 10:13pm


I'm looking for the most verstile combo yet. Let's say something that can hit us with SRV type blues, 90's rock and maybe something a little more modern indie. What do you think?



02/26/2013 7:58pm

So far I've used three WGS speakers. In our 5E3 - like demo/bench circuit, which we have dubbed the Royale, I removed an Eminence and replaced it with a WGS G12C. The G12C sounds so good, it makes me tear up. We are a new amp company, so I take this amp to jams all over Charlotte, and everybody who plays through the thing wants one. It's a good - sounding amp, no matter what we've played it through, but to our ears, the G12C is THE tone we're going for. I haven't tried any of your alnico models yet, but am looking forward to doing so.

In our single - ended model, 5 watts, (think 5F2, wired point-to-point instead of a turretboard, which we are calling da Hornet) we have used both a Veteran and a G10C. We figured we like the G12C so much we'd give its little brother a shot. We like both speakers and will continue to build with both, but we give the G10C the edge. Its greater sensitivity gives it a lot of complexity and warmth. It has the sparkle, and it moves into breakup territory very smoothly and comfortably. Think Keith Richards - Sticky fingers tone. It's got oodles of it, and is unexpectedly loud.

We also love the Veteran's authentic vintage sound in the Hornet - think Ron Wood's tone on "Stay With Me". It nails that sound perfectly.It's a couple of dB quieter than the G10C, but stick a mic in front of it, and it can go from warm and clean to roaring and everything in between.

I'm going to build a cab that has both a G10C and a Veteran in it - should give us the best of both worlds. The quest never ends...

02/26/2013 8:10pm

Ha! I got so excited talking about what I'd done with your speakers I forgot to tell you what I'd like to see. Since you recommend putting an ET65 in a cab with a Veteran 30, I'd like to hear those two in a SBS comparison. I like the samples I hear of the Reaper, too, so maybe you could SBS it with other speakers in the 30 watt range? Also, like a lot of other guys, I'd like to see comparisons between AlNiCo and ceramic models, especially a G12C and a G12A.

03/02/2019 10:21pm

BFSR: Veteran, G10C