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The ultimate chose for a 2x 12 cabinet suggestion?

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05/02/2013 11:47am

Hi Vaughn, hi guys,


after playing a long time with several speakers in different cabs I want to get other experiences with

speaker chose???

The ET 65 for me is one of the ultimate choice?? But for best sound 2 of them or the mix recommendation?

ET 65 plus...????? The Retro seems for me sometimes a bit too harsh, while the ET 65 is warm and detailed.

The Reaper standard and the Reaper HP are best for Rock - Rockblues in crunchsound and more,

but a little bit sizzlier (the standard) clean than the darker HP??

Are this your experience too???

The main fact is Vaughn I use other amp and guitar than yours in the reviews!

My main amps are a Real Tone which is not too bright but warm clean, and mostly a Les Paul which is

massiver and warmer than a us strat which is more bright with the bridge pickup!!!

Therefore I need a good mix for well balanced tone articulation for blues sound and crunch bluesrock!

Again some effects have their place in the line, Wampler comp a little, OCD drive and Delay in the

send+return FX. That all must play together.

So whats your opinion, whats your suggests for the ultimate speaker and why for this playstyle??

More than 100 thanks to all who will tell me which way to go??

And how much is it important to take a closed back cab vs a semiopen cab???

To all American und European Musicians best wishes and thanks for reply