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T/S parameters

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Devin Laney
07/30/2013 6:55am
Vaughn- I had a few questions after reading one of your blog posts (http://wgs4.com/truth-about-75hz-vs-55hz-guitar-speaker-cones). Are the WGS-published T/S specs "off the assembly bench" measurements or after some amount of break-in? What sort of excursion capabilities do WGS speakers have? If you can only answer for one driver, answer for the Reaper 55hz (30w variant). What is the linear Xmax? What about maximum excursion before damage (Xlim)? I want to know how hard I can push this thing in the 80-120hz range (assume a decently designed vented cabinet, and not free-air/open-back). Ran across both your videos on Youtube and WGS in a Google search while researching speakers for my next build. Anyone can pick Eminence or Jensens, and I wanted to see what else was out there (and without raiding the kids college fund for a Tone Tubby). Thank you thank you so much for the scientific speaker comparisons, and you blog is fantastic. I design and build amps and cabinets as a hobby; I know all about T/S parameters and ohms law and filters in the NFB loop, and your blog is one of few resources I've found that isn't fanboy BS or snakeoil. Thanks! -Devin
Devin Laney
07/31/2013 5:46pm

In addition to the Reaper 55, I'm also looking at the Reaper HP, Retro 30 and G12C/S in a 2cuft vented cabinet (tuning around 90hz), with primary focus on a huge articulate bottom end- making as much tuneful noise as possible from 80hz on up with a low-power (~5W) amp. Those drivers model well. Sound clip tests "sound" like the 55 would be best, but those are all sealed-box tests and not bass-reflex alignments. Other WGS drivers might sound interesting as pairings in sealed cabinets, but the Qts are too high for bass-reflex and the rolloff is too soon/sharp in reasonable-size sealed cabinets.

08/01/2013 10:54pm

Yes, the listed T/S numbers are "out of the box".  Truth is, it would be impossible to do them any other way ... because once they leave the factory and get installed, every speaker has a very different life! There is no "Average" use that we could reference.

In actual use, I've has mixed results with 55Hz cone speakers.  By themselves they often sound too muddy and lifeless ... which may be just the Rx for an overly bright amp with a vintage Tele!

If you want to begin to familiarize yourself with the WGS speakers, I'd recommend:

A Reaper or Reaper HP

The ever smooth and juicy ET65

The Blackhawk

A Retro 30

To me, this comprises the best of the best list!