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Supro Dual-Tone speaker replacement

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Michael McWilliams
09/06/2015 9:50am

Hi Vaughn,

I recently acquired a Supro Dual-Tone amp (25 watts) that uses a single 12" custom-designed Eminence speaker.  This speaker is somewhat of a cross between a G12 and an ET-65 in that it has a stiff cone that is not doped like the G12 but has a large dust cap with a large magnet structure like the ET, but maybe not quite as big.  The amp itself has a very American crunchy sound especially when cranked and overdriven.

The Eminence sounds good on my Strat in the neck and middle position, but the speaker has a very annoying bark when used with the bridge.  I had a G12C that I put in the amp just to test, and it cures the bark, but at the expense of being a bit ice-picky. Now I can turn down the single tone control on the Supro, but that takes away a bit of presence that I miss.  Note that I also tried an ET-65, but it was a little too scooped.  What would be your opinion of G12c/s or a G12A/Blackhawk to add a bit more chime?

Thanks for your input.

Mike McWilliams

09/13/2015 7:38pm

Man, I'm totally going by your descriptions here ... I haven't played one ... but it certainly sounds like the Blackhawk is your best option.

The G12A will not sound significantly different from your G12C.

Other good options would be the Reaper (maybe HP) or the Green Beret.

Michael McWilliams
09/13/2015 10:59pm

Thanks, Vaughn, for the advice, I'm looking to get that AlNiCo flavor.  I'll check out some Blackhawk demos on YouTube.  Appreciate the input!

09/27/2015 1:09pm

Hello Mike,

I can´t say anything about the Blackhawk for not knowing this speaker. In my opinion there is an audible difference between the G12C and the G12A - but I can´t say if it´s because my G12A being 8Ohm, while my G12C being 16...

To my ears the G12A is slightly darker sounding, sweeter, softer in the top end. Maybe the roll-off is enough to tame the ice-pick, if you like the overall sound? Even more difference is perceived in the midrange, which is quite a bit lower than in the G12C, which makes for an overall bigger sound, more organic.

I would not count the G12A, totally, especially if you can try one before having to buy one...

I have to say, I like them both. The spanky G12C is really great for 112 clean sounds in large cabs.


Donald E Brown
04/18/2017 7:11pm

Hi Vaughn,

In my Supro 1624T RI someone installed a Peavey Sheffield for some reason. I know these are made for Peavey (to mimic the Celestion) by Eminence, but looking at something that might sound better. I have been looking at the Reaper 30 or Green Beret 25, and wondering there a big difference in the breakup between the two. Obviously the Reaper would have a little more headroom I guess. Can you or anyone elaborate on which way to go? I really like the Reaper tone in the demos above the GB.
Thanks, Don

04/22/2017 7:24pm

Hummm ... mmcwill, what did you end up going with, and how did it work out?

Donald, tes, the GB will not only break up a little earlier than the Reaper ... but ... because of it's more urgent, forward midrange, it will certainly SOUND like it breaks up earlier!

I certainly think the Reaper would sound excellent.

01/23/2018 11:28pm

Yes ... it's pure magic in mine ... go forward and never look back.

02/01/2018 8:38pm

Just now noticed... "In my opinion there is an audible difference between the G12C and the G12A - but I can´t say if it´s because my G12A being 8Ohm, while my G12C being 16..."

YES! That will always make a big difference, especially to a tube amp where the speakers impedance is "reflected" by the output tubes ... in essence, a 8-ohm will be WAY louder and bigger sounding than a 16-ohm ... unless the amp has an output tranny with separate taps to match both 8 and 16 ohm loads.