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Suppose I would reload my lead and rhythm cabs with something else...

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10/16/2015 9:31pm

I run a 3 amp setup w. lead, rhythm and clean cabs. Those of you familiar with this arrangement can tell I'm somewhat inspired by a certain Mr Johnson haling from Austin TX. As much as I am I don't wish to emulate what's done and I don't really care for Celestion speakers.

Well the G12-65s that came in my first Marshall 1960 were pretty sweet, as were the G12-80s... something about those vented poles and the slightly obscure yet airy highs (courtesy of those LHDCs) of them that I like. Yet I sold them on which at the time seemed to make sense, but since then my sound and rig have progressed by a bit.

Went through some Webers and since then I've been into Fanes for a while, but these are just a touch headroomy, shifted down and can go a bit too raw for my liking. Eversince I became aware of WGS I've had this brand as a backup plan should I ever want to go back to a more Celestion-esque sound as such.

All my cabs are Marshall 1966 2x12" ones. And did I mention I'm nuts about vented poles and LHDCs? ;)

Lead: to you lot this is a Marshall JMP at 50-60W or so clean - I'm thinking something G12M-ish or other with good mids without being overbearing. The ET offerings tick a lot of boxes.

Rhythm: Think a clean Vox AC50 w. a pair of KT88s to be used with a (bottom heavy) fuzz - probably something broader that could go a bit deeper than the lead speakers. Some additional headroom wouldn't hurt either.

Other than that I'm open to suggestions.