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Suggestions for an old Marshall 8x10?

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10/30/2012 3:03pm

I have a Marshall 8x10 (the wide one) currently loaded with Celestions. I believe they're G10D-25's.

I love the looks of the cab but its extremely bright. So bright that my presence and treble knobs are usually at about 1 or even off. With my 4x12s and my 2x12 those knobs are usually at about 12 o'clock. At high volumes the Celestions get kind of farty in the lowend for lack of a better term. And I play in drop C most of the time and often use an octave down harmony which certainly doesnt help.

Anyways I was thinking of throwing 8 G10C's in the cab. Do you think these would play nice with a cab that big? I use fairly high gain and low tunings most of the time. Would I be better off mixing the G10C's with the G10C smooth cones, or even the Veterans?

Last but not least the cab is currently wired for 16 ohms but I'd like to get it down to 8 ohms so I can safely use it with all of my heads (Mig-60, V4, Thunderbass). I assume I need 16 ohm speakers and wire them up accordingly to equal 8 ohms?

Any help will be much appreciated. I'm hoping to pull the trigger within the next week or two.

10/30/2012 7:16pm

Yes, if you can deal with the weight, the G10C's will be excellent in the 8x10 ... and should address your issues as well.

Now, as far as wiring goes ...  how it is currently wired, and what is the impedance of the current speakers?

The most common method would be to use 16-ohm speakers and wire it like 2 16 ohm 4x12 cabs in series.  See my blog:

10/30/2012 9:13pm

The weight shouldn't be too big of problem, that's what band mates are for. 

The current speakers are 8 ohms. And if I remember correctly they're wired as two parallel quads in series, if that makes sense. So four speakers in series then the two sets in parallel. That link should make wiring everything up a breeze. 

I can't wait to order these. I'm mad I didn't discover WGS earlier. The prices are great and the customer service is already impressive. Thank you so much.