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Suggestions for 12" 50 watt for Marshall/Fender

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02/27/2013 5:58pm

I want it all.  kind of.  I am looking for a suggestion for 12"  50 watt that give me good Marshall JCM800 tones, while still giving me good clean sparkle if I plug my Fender head on to the 1x12.  most the time it will just be the one 12" cab.  Suggestions?  I must say the Invader sounds pretty good, but looking for a couple other suggestions.



02/28/2013 8:42pm

I LOVE the Invader ... but it's not really great at the Fender sparkle.

I'd probably recommend the Retro 30 as the best 1 speaker does it all choice.  Oh ... unless you can afford AlNiCo, then the Blackhawk is your best choice for sure.

02/28/2013 8:57pm

Vaughn - Thanks for the reply.  A little more info - there are two heads I will be using on this 1x12 - a Fender Super Champ XD2, and a Carvin V3m.  The cabinet is a closed back.  I will say after listeing to a number of clips (including ones you did) I am liking the HM75.  I will sacrifice that upper range chime - but it still sounds like there is good clarity at clean tone.   And I love the modern punch I hear.


I did listen to the Retro 30, and will consider that.


Am I way off the mark with a HM75, or possibly ET65 (more versatile)?


 - Brian 

02/28/2013 9:34pm

Yep, that's a good overall take on the HM 75 ... but it is a good all around speaker.  What you would give up there is the more organic warmth and woodiness.

On the other hand ... the ET65 is all about organic warmth & woodiness.  I usually only recommend a single ET65 for folks who have an amp they are trying to tame, though ... because it's VERY warm!

I've never heard the little V3 ... looks very intriguing!

02/28/2013 9:38pm

The Liberator should be a consideration.  It's very like a ET65, but with some added midrange urgency ... kinda lands in between the ET & a Vet 30.

03/01/2013 8:12am



Thanks again.  So I listened to some more clips.  I think my top picks right now are the Retro30, Liberator, and HM75.  Here is what I'm thinking:

Liberator - Some chime, but not as much chime as on the Retro30.  

Retro30 - despite it's name, it sounds like it can handle moddern metal-ish tones well.  As much chime as I need.

HM75 - If I was mainly punching out Metal-ish tones this would be the one.  But it is nice to hear some sparkle from time to time - probably not going to get that w/ this speaker.

ET65 - I think because I am asking for a do it all, or do a lot well, I don't want to go too far into the woody side.  So I think I have taken this one out of consideration.


I would say my top choices right now are the Retro30, and Liberator.  I can say the tones I dig the most are Krank-ish, Marshally, with some time spent in Mesa land, and once in a while Fender Clean country.  To me one tone I strive for is Jimi - Voodoo Child.  Also like Led Zep tones - but again - occaisionally stray to 90's metal.  Can you help me decide on either the Liberator, or Retro30?


 - Brian


Michael McWilliams
03/01/2013 4:42pm

Personally, I'd go with the Retro.  It's a great speaker that I installed in a Fender Super Sonic 22 and it would handle all your amps well.  And I agree with Vaughn: if you were to purchase an ET65, you'd sacrifice a lot of chime.  By the way, I also have a V3M that I thought would be great, but it  just doesn't have that brightness and chime.  A great amp for metal heads, maybe, but for not for me.

03/02/2013 6:28pm

I actually did order the Retro30 last night.  The only reason I would have gone to the Liberator is if it had a tighter bottom.  But after listening to a lot of clips, I could not hear a big difference in bottom between the two.  I want the Retro to be able to handle modern tones, and I think it will.


As far as the V3M.  yeah, it is not a Fender replacement.  For me it does do clean, but more of a Vox clean.  But there are all kinds of different flavors of crunch, and high gain, and that totally works for me.


Thanks for the replies.

03/08/2013 7:23pm

I got the Retro 30 this week.  I installed it into the Fender closed cab today.  I wanted to report back and post that I am very happy so far.  I tested it with my Super Champ XD2.  Vaughn was right on the money as far as getting a nice Fender bell tone.  Chimey but not brittle.  The cleans are beautiful.  The crunch is very nice.  Does a nice job with high gain, although I think I prefer a open back cab.  I want to get the cab off the ground and see how that impacts tone.  Thanks to Vaughn and others who weighed in.