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Suggestion for tweed tremolux clone (1x12)

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09/22/2011 10:45am

I have a tweed tremolux clone (18-20W, 1X12), and am looking for a speaker that is more efficient than my current speaker (Tungsten T12Q, which is great - a Jensen P12Q clone) for band situations.  Would the Reaper 30W be a good choice?  I've seen a number of tweed clone builders putting the G12H30 in their 1X12 combo amps, so that came to mind.  Thanks for any ideas.


10/11/2011 1:39pm

well, i'm thinking about going with the reaper.  seems like this would be a good all-around speaker, and give both some british and american vibe.  hopefully it's got enough top end sparkle to it.  alternatively, the g12c seems like another option.

10/11/2011 7:46pm

Yes, a Reaper is always a good all-around choice ... especially in that wattage range - somewhat Britt flavored, but not so very mid-heavy like, say a GB.  If you like the Jensen sound, and want to stick more closely to that sound, but just need better efficiency, then the American voiced G12 is certainly a better choice - it sounds like a good vintage Jensen, but is quite efficient. If you can afford it, also consider the G12A.  

10/13/2011 10:20am

Thanks, Vaughan.  Is the G12C very efficient?  I don't see a number in the online description (the sensitivity is blank on that speaker), but on the PDF version it says 97db, which is probably fine but doesn't seem too efficient for a ceramic.  But maybe I'm wrong on that. 

10/13/2011 11:32am

Hummm ... I thought the G12 (A or C) clocked in at 99dB ... maybe Daniel will pipe in here with the official word ...

I have directly compared one to both a 50's P12N and a 60's C12N, and it was much louder ... but those were somewhat tired old gals.

10/13/2011 12:22pm

OK, we'll see if anyone has more info. 

I should have mentioned, I play mostly clean to medium overdriven country/roots-ish type stuff with single coil telecasters and lap steels, and this'll be an open back 1X12 cab.  So I'm wondering if the G12 would be the best at keeping that sort of character.  I like the clips of the ET65 too - but I'm wondering if that wouldn't be too much bass.  It's hard to pick just one!