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Speakers for Peavey Classic 50 2x12

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03/10/2013 2:06pm

Hi there!

I have a peavey classic 50 2x12 with the stock speakers. I really like this amp, sound, look and price.... but when i play loud at gig level, the sound loose his definition. I play an Epiphone Casino and a fender jazzmaster. The sound start to be really farty, boomy, harsh.... something like the amp is to loud for the speakers.... when i play home, quiet at night the sound is good.... So i'm thinking for a speaker swap. I play the music from the 60's, surf, garage, blues, rythme 'n' blues..... I play clean or with a crunch but not too much and a Maestro Fuzz Tone....

what are your suggestions?



03/10/2013 10:40pm

Hi Oli,

Overall, do you want the amp to be warmer than it is, brighter, or about the same?

03/11/2013 6:18pm

Hey hey!!

About the same but with better definition and a better balance between highs and lows... hope it helps


03/13/2013 12:34am

Okay, then I'd say go with a pair of G12C's ... make ONE of them a G12C/S if you also want to make the amp a little warmer and woodier ...

03/13/2013 9:37pm

He needs 12"s

03/14/2013 10:58am

I would suggest either two G12C/S's or one ET65 and one G12C/S.

If you will be playing mainly clean/low-gain, the G12C/S's are awesome!

However, I found that these sound a bit "uninspired" under heavy saturation. That's where the ET65 will be a major plus as a complement to the G12C/S.

Hope you find the tone you're looking for!

04/10/2015 12:46am

This is a little late of  a post but I just have to say I just picked up a pair of Retro 30s and put them in an Avatar

212 vintage cabinet.....they sound totally awesome compared to the 2 peavey ones (sheffields I believe) that are

in the 1993/1994 Classic 50 212 now...also muich louder...the Avatar cabinet is large and that makes some difference but the sparkle from these speakers is just awesome......I will do a closer comparison this weekend....I might end up putting them in the amp itself.....they are just some much more full and fluid...very nice..I bought them to use

as an extension cabinet...with that sound I probably dont neet the cabinet..ha ha..

thanks guys at WGS !!! Happy Camper here for sure...

07/14/2015 3:20am

Hey there, 


I m looking for the stock speaker replacement.  I play funky (love  the Nile Rodgers tone),  classic rock (from Hendrix to GnR,  occasionally bit of High Gain - Faith no More).  My fender strat (single coil)  is pretty bright guitar,  the other guitar is the mahagony PRS-like with SH-1 SH-4 pickups. 

What speaker combination would you recommend?  I m thinking about ET 65 with something...  :)  


Best regards, 


07/14/2015 1:33pm

Man, I think you're on the right track with the ET65 ... I'd suggest a pair of them!

07/15/2015 1:26am

Thanks Waughn for quick reply.

Peavey has already fat clean sound, which i love. It fits to my very bright ashbody fender strat.  

So pair of ET65 will not make my sound thinner? Cuz i would not want to give up that fatness.


Btw, nice vids and nice sound of your own strat pickups - are those available? :)

And last question, would you recommend some european dealer of your speakers? Or do you send 

your speakers to europe directly?


Thanks in advance,



07/16/2015 2:14am

I wonder, if the ET65 and G12C/S combination would help to slightly improve mids and keep the sound firm and defined still.What about that combination, would you recommend it?Regards,Pavel

07/16/2015 1:30am

Hey Waughn,


thanks very much for your quick response.

I wonder, if the combination of ET65 and G12C/S would help to slightly improve mids but keep the good sound definition still.





07/25/2015 2:52pm

I'm also looking to replace stock speakers in my C50 212.

I'm pretty much decided on one ET-65, but what should I pair it with? A chunky ccrunch tone is important to me, as is a warm clean. I don't play anything high gain.

I started off looking at the Vet30, but I think the mids might be too overpowering (although some cut is required, since my band has two guitarists).

Now I'm thinking about ET-65 + Invader 50. Has anyone tried that combo, and if so could you share your thoughts?

10/21/2016 2:13pm

I also wonder about the ET-65 and Invader combo in my C50 212. I use a Les Paul and play mostly classic rock, 90's alternative, and worship (electric driven). Would this be a good combo of speakers? Thanks! 

10/21/2016 6:28pm

ET65/Invader ... probably not ... to much British mid snarle.

ET65/G12C/S ... yes, that would be a very warm and juicy combo!

10/25/2016 9:30pm

Thanks for the reply! The ET65 and G12C/S pair would not be too mid-scooped would it? Thanks again for the reply!