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Speakers for Modern Higain Sounds in 2x12

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08/21/2011 12:12pm


I need a suggestion for choosing speakers for my 2x12 closed back - rear load cabinet! (750x400x350)

Im gonna use it with 5150 head. Want to get some br00tal higain sounds for playing death metal stuff on low-midlle volumes. And also i want to record my cabinet.

I read that veteran30+et65 is a good combination for full tone, but all comparisons that i saw on youtube made with some oldschool crunchy rock tones.

I saw this vid and v30 have more roar than veteran i think.



08/21/2011 12:40pm

I incline for Reaper HP but i really dont know what to take for a second speaker for a fuller tone!

Give some suggestions please! Thanks!

08/21/2011 5:47pm

I was recommended an HM75 and a et65 for that style.. I should get them soon and will post video and review when I do. 

08/22/2011 1:48am

Some guy from another forum wrote me do not listen any recomendations about et65 cause it very good for speaker for some crunchy overdrive but on higain it becomes muddy.

What do you think about Reaper HP + Invader/Liberator/British Lead? I want to expect that liked samples of new invader here) sounds pretty good)

Or maybe veteran30+et65 will be good solution?

I need a punchy lows, tight howling middle, and nice top. Maybe a little rounded, but with clarity.

08/22/2011 8:25am

I also read on some forum that Reaper HP is really fat bottomed speaker without many highs and it lose that bite that it has after breaking in.

And i also read that veteran 30 have same thing, and it very smooth in comparison to vintage 30, so i thinks it is not for me... I dont know.

I need a strong detailed tight roaring middle, good "chug-chug", bite, and clarity on highs. And puchy lows. I dont need very much fat, smoothness, sweetness or something like that. Mayne one speaker have to be be strong (for record) and another sweet (for good feeling when live play)? Im afraid fatness and big lows cause on mid-gain settings it can instantly become muddy.

08/24/2011 10:33am

A great choice for high gain sounds in a 212 cab is a British Lead/HM75 pairing.  This gives a very full low end, but still with lots of articulation.  Just a really good modern sounding pair. 

08/25/2011 1:35am

Big thanks for info!

99% That one of two speakers will be HM75! So let's choose the second one!

I thinking about three versions:

HM75+Reaper HP (just my simpathy)

HM75+British lead



What can you say about diferrences of this combinations?


08/25/2011 2:32pm

With the 5150 on hi-gain ... I would second Daniel's suggestion of the Britt Lead/HM 75 combo.  However, I will add this:  the ET65 is a very warm speaker, but it stays very tight and solid on the bottom - right out of the box, or after many hours of playing - as long as you are staying within it's rated power range, of course ...

08/25/2011 4:19pm

I really not sure about et65 - cause read somewhere its a bit wooly sounding. :)


Maybe some opinions about hm75+Reaper HP? Please-please :)

I listened some big speaker comparison samples and like Reaper HP very much)

If you are interested you can listen it here:



08/31/2011 2:21pm

I'll add that the Reaper HP is currently in my Orange cab and sounds great with the high gain side of the Rockerverb 50.  I think the HM75/Reaper HP combo will definitely be some tightness and cut.  The British Lead is going to give you a little bit more lower mid.  Either combination should get you where you want to go.