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08/08/2013 1:57pm

I am looking to swap out the stock celestions in a pair of crate gl12sl 1x12 cabs.  I have a jca22h and an egnater rebel 20 head.  I believe the stock speaker in the crate is a 12k100 which I find bass heavy and flat(boring).  I am mainly a bedroom star and play classic rock and da blues.  I've listened to many clips and shoot outs and I'm so confused..... :-) Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

08/09/2013 2:52pm

Retro 30!

08/12/2013 11:58am

Thanks Vaughn !  Wow I did'nt see that one coming.  I figured the recommendation would be a reaper or green beret.  I went back and listened to your speaker clips (including the jca20 combo) and I can hear what your saying.  Should I pair the retro 30 with another speaker, or stick with the same kind in both.  BTW the cabs are semi open.  Thanks again !

08/12/2013 7:09pm

Yea, the JCA22 is the same amp as my 20 (see my blog about it!) ... but with a separate gain & clean channel.

The Retro is like a Vintage 30 on steroids ... more top end and more bottom, but still a nice amount of mid growl ...

here is what other speakers in the 2nd cab would bring to the party:

ET65 - fill things out and make it more warm, sweet & organic

Green Beret - add a little speaker compression and touch sensitivity, plus fill in some midrange.

Reaper - about the same as the ET65, but not as organic ... a little more in your face.

08/13/2013 10:19am

 I just ordered the retro (yeah !).  I'm going to play it for a while and then pick out a mate for it....

Thank you for your sage advice :-)

12/09/2013 3:45pm

Great call on the retro 30,  I like very much.  Now I need a partner for it.  I was leaning heaveily towards the et 65, but now you've thrown in a wrench with the et 90.  I liked the sound of the et 90 in the fender hot rod demo.  Which one would you recomend for my set up?  I play mainly classic rock and the blues with Strats and SG's. Thank you!

12/14/2013 9:48am

The suspense is killing me......

12/15/2013 3:31pm

Yea ... ET90!

12/20/2013 10:25am

I just pared a Reaper HP with my Retro 30 in a closed 212 cab for my JCA22H. I'm still getting the Reaper broken in, but the cab is sounding pretty good. IMO, the Retro 30 needs to be paired with a speaker that isn't as bright. I chose the Reaper HP so that I could get a little more power handling out of the cab = future versatility. 

Your results may vary. 

12/26/2013 10:43pm

These speakers just sing together,  it is just amazing!  The way they chime with each other, is a thing of beauty. They really do compliment each other very well (it brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it)  :-)  Well done!