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Speakers for Hiwatt 4x12 Cab. Reapers?

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06/24/2012 9:55pm

Hello everyone, this is my first posting here on the WGS Forum. Many years ago, I traded my Marshall JCM 900 1960A cab with a few dollars for a 1980 or '81 Hiwatt SE4123 (Hylight) cab that I still own. Unfortunately, the original Fanes are long gone. The cab was loaded with Celestion G12T-75's speakers from 1989. As much as I love the cab, I'm not a fan of the G12T-75's.

I've heard a few stories of Hiwatt owners using Celestions G12H-30's in place of the Fane Purplebacks in their cabs. Because of what I've heard & read on other forums, the speakers I want to go with are the Reapers. However, I'm torn on which ones I want to go with.


I was leaning towards the Reaper (regular version), but then I wanted to go with the Reaper 55hz since they'd be darker & more suitable for a Hiwatt. Plus the Reaper HP is another candidate for the wattage would be true to the cab's specifications.

I'm using 2 Hiwatt amps. An '82 DR-103 (Biacrown) & a 100 watt Hiwatt clone (my main amp which I scaled down to 50 watts).  

Which Reaper should I go with? I know it won't exactly be like a Fane Purpleback but want a speaker that's going to be dark sounding. 

06/24/2012 11:12pm

Seriously!  Search my blog ... or my YouTube Chanel (VSkow) ... I thought I'd never find a replacement for my beloved Fane Purple ... but the ET65 almost nails it!

If you do go Reaper ... I'd probably go HP ... to stay true to the Hiwatt theme of lotsa headroom!