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Speakers to better compliment Orange AD30

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05/20/2012 8:15pm

Hey there

I have an Orange AD30HTC amp and matching 2x12 cab. The cab comes stock with Vinatge 30s, but I'm feeling as though there may be better options to compliment the amp. The amp is (according to Orange, atleast) Class A, 30-watt el84 tone machine. Very classic sounding!

I as thinking maybe a Green Beret or Reaper, as vintage Orange cabs were often loaded with their Celestion counterparts, but I wanted to hear your input on it. Maybe even some Alnicos?

I play alot of punk and classic rock ala AC/DC, New York Dolls, Black Sabbath, etc.


Please help me in my quest for ultimate tone!




P.S. My main guitar is a stock 1973 Gibson SG Standard if that helps!

06/05/2012 3:12pm


06/05/2012 6:22pm

Every act you named is classic Green Back tone ... so given that, I'd say go with the Green Berets ... closest thing to an original pre-rola GB in current production!

If you want to add some shimmer and big bottom to the GB's growl, pair it with a Retro 30.

If you want to warm & smooth the GB, pair it with an ET 65.

06/12/2012 2:08am

Thanks, Vaughn!

I decided to go for a Green Beret/Reaper combo. Which Reaper would pair better with the Green beret - the 75 or 55hz version?



06/14/2012 1:40pm

If it were me ... 55hZ