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Speakers for 2x12 closed back - Hard Rock heavy-gain

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07/17/2012 3:58pm

Hey, im looking for speakers for my 2x12 closed back Laney GS212 cab. I use it with a Egnater Renegade head.

I play heavy-gain Hard Rock mostly, and Im looking for a deep, dark and tight lows, with a lot of roar and nice palm mutings. I use 90% of time the dirt channel, so I dont care much for sparkly cleans. In fact my EQ is something like low: 8, mid:5-6 and treble:4 .

So, after seen all your videos and read the caracteristics of your speakers maybe I need the Retro30 x 2 or coupled with a HM75, i dont know what about the Retro30+ET65 or Retro30/HM75 + Reaper 55 HP, Retro30+Invader maybe ?

Im so lost in this search of a good speaker(s) for my needs, please some help.

Thanks in advance.

Greetings from Chile.

07/24/2012 3:37pm

Ive been using the Retro 30 and HM75 paired up with great results. Definitely a meaty sound....tons of tight low end...chunky mids....smooth top end. I use it with a Rivera KR7, Bugera 333XL and Orange Dark Terror. Good results with all of those heads. I play alot of high gain stuff (classic true metal, thrash) and this combination has sounded great so far. So much so that I just added another 2x12 and ordered another set of those today. I would also say that I could even stand a little more sparkle on the top end...but I can EQ enough in to get what Im after. The combination is a bit dark....but still meaty and smooth...and I like that. If you want low end thunder...this one definitely delivers....especially in an oversized cab.

07/28/2012 10:54am

Awesome!  That's the EXACT combo I was thinking ... Ret 30/HM75 ... go for it!!

Post back here with your results :-)

07/28/2012 4:46pm



One more question for you. I have the HM 75 and love it. I am close to ordering the Retro 30 on your advise to pair them up;however, what would you think about the HM75 and a British Lead 80.The Vetran 30 is a great speaker but a slight fizzy in the mix. I also tried placing an Eminence Private Jack (Grrenback) with the HM 75 earlier and it was not desireable as it removed all the depth of the HM75. I guess I am trying to add just the slightest amount of mids and a little creamyness back in without removing the depth of the HM75.

07/28/2012 8:39pm



What would you think of pairing an HM75 and a British Lead 80. I just oredered an HM75 and I am looking for it's mate. I am close to adding a Retro 30 on your advise, but want to know your thoughts on a Lead 80. I have tried an Eminence Private Jack,and it was not a good match as it killed the lows of the HM75. The Vetran 30 was decent, but just looking to add a slight bit of mids and creaminess to the HM75.


Thanks Mike

08/15/2012 8:41am

Heres a few vids of my band live (hard rock/metal) where you can get an idea of how they sound. I use (2) 2x12 with an HM75 and Retro 30 in each...in an X pattern paired with a Rivera KR7 head. I really couldnt be happier with my sound right now. (Im in the right in these videos). Its not studio quality sound for the vids....but its not bad.





08/15/2012 10:09am

Awesome, thanks Shane!  Love your playing ... very fluid and effortless lead work.

And, though it is tough to make a critical listening evaluation on a live youtube video ... your tone sounds excellent ... with a good solid bottom, present yet smooth top, and just the right amount of fundamental lower midrange and urgent upper midrange. 

08/15/2012 10:14am

Hi Mike,

With the question of "What would you think of pairing an HM75 and a British Lead 80." ... It would be fine ... especially for seven-string extreme drop-tuning ...

However, the HM75 and BL80 are voiced and respond fairly similar ... so, the Ret 30 / HM75 combo would be more broad and versatile.

07/28/2012 4:18pm

Thanks Shane, thanks Vaughn. I will try that combination.

07/28/2012 4:21pm

Thanks Shane, thanks Vaughn. I will try that combination.