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Speaker for Vintage 16 amp

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12/13/2014 8:09pm
Okay, so I'm considering the Carvin Vintage 16 amp and even though they offer the Celestion Vintage 30 as an option, would like a recommendation for a replacement speaker ideal for this amp. For those unfamiliar this is a Pentode/Triode mode amp of 16 & 5 watts output. So before I order this amp, what would be a nice speaker to replace the stock G12? Cheers
12/18/2014 3:50pm

Yea ... NOT the Vintage 30 !!!  Why do folks offer that in this type of amp ... let's make a low-wattage vintage combo sound hard & strident ... makes no sense ... anyway ...

Blackhawk is the obvious 1st choice ... if ya can't afford Alnico, I'd go Reaper, Green Beret or ET65.


03/24/2019 4:11pm

II have the same model amp, early 2004 3 tube preamp. I have been chasing threads for a week looking for what is the consensus best 12" replacement speaker, low watttage, early mid breakup,creamy sounding. I have been listening to speakers on uuuuu-tube, now my eats are in shock. The WGS speakers and the "E" brand speakers of the Brit style seem the best.

What is the recommendation from this learned and august site?

One other option I have been kicking around but the answer hasn't shown up is a baffle adapter and a 10" Speaker. Thought and recommendations please.


03/30/2019 8:23pm

"early mid breakup,creamy sounding"
Sounds like a Green Beret for you!

05/16/2019 4:36pm

Hi!! I need assistance
I have the same amp Carvin Vintage 16 Head with 1x12 cabinet
It's my only amp, and I'm looking for an all terrain speaker. That works well clean, with overdrive and distortion pedals. I play blues, rock and a little bit of hard rock.
I was reading and watching a lot of videos and I'm thinking in the WGS Reaper HP
What do you think??
Right now I put a used Jensen C12k in substitution of the Carvin G12
Work's better but with distortion or heavy overdrive the sound it's not good!
My amp has new paired tubes from Dr.Tubes and a new Mercury output transformer.
I think maybe these changes release many frequencies that the speaker can not handle (the carvin g12 and now the Jensen C12k)
What do you think???

05/18/2019 10:31am

"Nachao..." Yes ... I think for you the Reaper HP is a fantastic choice.

05/18/2019 12:12pm

Thanks Vaughn for your prompt thanks for your prompt response!! on Monday I'm going to buy it
And congratulations for your videos comparing speakers!! Are very nice and instructive!!
Regards from Uruguay (South America)!!

05/19/2019 1:35am

I thought you all might appreciate this fantastic 20watt JTM45-type amp demo with a Reaper HP speaker: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tC4GHf2L8K0

The mic is right on the grill and dead center, so the full response is heard with increased bass and just a little upper-mid softening due to a type of cone proximity phasing effect. Sounds great, but would have more bite placed ~1" back.

05/19/2019 7:05pm

Very Nice!!! Amazing sound!!!

07/21/2020 4:50pm

Just found this thread, and I'm also in the mood for something new for my Vintage 16. I have the 3 tube earlier version, and was looking for something Warm, with a sweet high end, and some nice beefy bass. I was considering the Reaper, the Reaper HP, or maybe the Invader 50.

It would need to be a speaker that sounds good with clean but also with overdrive. I currently have a pretty mid-scooped speaker in there, and was looking for something different.

08/20/2020 10:28am

tbone ... I think, like we've confirmed here ... you'll LOVE the Reaper HP :-)