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Speaker upgrade for Tech-21 Trademark 60 combo

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03/27/2014 9:44am

Hi.  I'm planning on getting a WGS speaker to upgrade my Tech 21 Trademark 60 1x12 combo.  It's a solid state, open back, two channel amp, 60 watts.  It's really one of the best sounding amps I've owned.  I use both the clean and overdriven settings on the amp, as well as some external pedals (chorus, delay, comp, overdrive, phaser, wah, and occasionally fuzz).  I especially dig the thick and creamy Eric Johnson-esqe overdrive that I can get from this setup.  The amp currently has a Celestion 70/80 in it, and while I like the overall tones that I'm getting, I find it to sound a bit boxy at times.  I'm sure part of it has to do with the relatively small size of the combo, but I suspect that much of this boxiness comes from the 70/80.  Judging from some of the other posts for similar amps, I'm thinking the ET-65 would be the best bet.  Or would I want to bump up to the ET-90?  Or do you have another recommendation based on experience?  Thanks for the help.  I hope to order the speaker in the next few days.

06/22/2014 6:20am

Hi.  I tried an ET65 and BL80 in my Trademark 60. Also several celestions and eminences.  Nothing really worked that well and I came to the realisation that the 'boxiness' problem (and mushy bass) is the amp not the speaker or cab.  Nicely made amp but it just lacked presence on stage, and seemed to get lost in the mix.  I have a Mustang III now - not as well made but is really punchy on stage.  

06/22/2014 8:35pm

Yes, my feeling is that the "boxiness" is probably a result of the ... BOX!

That cab is just a bit too small to allow a 12 to fully unload & open up.

Sooo .... my suggestions:

1. If you DO want to try a speaker ... I'd go with our Retro 30 ... which is our least "Boxy" speaker ... with lots of solid lows and sparkle/presence.

2. Go for a nice, big ext cab.

3. Another amp ...

Hey, if you try the Ret 30, be sure to post back here with your results!


Thomas Pennington
08/16/2014 4:50pm

So.... Based on the above suggestion, I wanted to drop the Retro 30 I have into this amp.  As it turns out, there are just two itty bitty problems.  

First, the Retro 30 will not drop into the front loading hole in the baffle board.  The larger spkr frame shape keeps it from dropping in all the way.  I figure I'll load in from the rear.  However, I had to remove the electronics from the cab to try that.  Then I discover that the bolt holes do not line up.

The Retro 30 will have to wait for another opportunity to roar.  The Tech 21 TradeMark 60 is back to stock with their stock Tech 21 spkr... whatever that may be.  But, it still sounds pretty good for a solid state amp.

Any other suggestions?  Thanks. 

04/28/2015 2:49pm

Just thought I should post an update.  I did end up getting an ET-65 for the TM60.  It was definitely an improvement over the stock 70/80.  I'm happy with it.  The amp is still a little boxy sounding in larger rooms, but, like we discussed, this may just be a trait of the amp.  Is it the ultimate speaker for the amp?  Not sure.  There are so many to try.  I'm pleased with the ET-65 in the TM60.

Keith Wilkes
05/27/2016 8:11am

Were you able to load the ET65 from the front with no problems?

Daniel Burgun
09/08/2017 3:38pm

I just installed an ET-65 in my TM60, no problems. The baffle hole is too small to front load, but it was no problem to reverse the T nuts and rear mount it. Try not to chip out the plywood like I did. The bolt holes lined up (this is a pretty old TM60 that had the Tech 21 branded speaker) and there is just a hair of clearance between the speaker and the electronics chassis. You will have to remove the chassis to put the speaker in.

I'll post again when I've used it in a band setting, but at home up to medium volumes: it is a whole new instrument. All that fizzle and harshness is gone, mids are clear, crisp, punchy but still warm. High end is just lovely. Should have changed speakers ages ago. The channel 1 drive sounds are much more useable now, the mids break up instead of the top end crackling and fizzing. Much more dynamic feel and responsiveness as well, it actually feels a bit like a tube amp now, minus the compression.

I've been using a TM60 for almost 20 years, so I am way too familiar with the sound of the stock speaker and with trying every setting imaginable to get something that works without sounding boxy or harsh. Today I couldn't stop laughing as I played it, it sounded so sweet. Night and day. Thanks WGS!