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Speaker suggestions for 70's Ampeg V4 4x12 w/ Ampeg V4?

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04/09/2013 12:54pm

Hi guys, looking to get some suggestions for my cab. Currently, it has the original 50w CTS speakers and while they don't sound bad, it would honestly take 2 cabs loaded with them to fully handle the non-master volume V4 (As most know, while listed at 100w. the V4 more times than not is pushing upwards of 120-140w depending on health). I mainly play the amp clean, and all dirt comes from pedals. I'm looking for a little less break-up, a little more warmth and punch, and the ablility to handle both cleans and overdrive well. I also want to be able to hit 5 on the volume without fear of the speakers giving in. I play brighter guitars with single coils mainly, but I want it to handle HB's just as well in the event that I actually buy a HB guitar some day. Top-end sparkle is nice, but I've learned that Jensen-style top-end is not really for me. 

I've considered a mix of ET65's and Retro 30's in an X pattern. Would this get me pretty close to the desired result? I have also considered a quad of G12C/S due to the description and the fact that this is more of an American-style amp but, the V4 tone shaping allows me to cop pretty much any sound I want. 

Any help or general information would be appreciated. 


04/10/2013 7:32pm

Man, from everything you've said ... I would suggest all ET65's.  You would get the warmth and clean headroom you are after ... and the top end is smooth as silk ... the opposite of Jensen's harsh top ...

The only thing you might loose compared to the Ret30's or G12's is a little bit of volume overall, as the ET's are not particularly high-SPL speakers ... but are probably at least on-par with the old CTS's.

Hey, be sure to post back here and let us all know what you choose and how it works out!

04/11/2013 11:36am

Thanks for the reply. The ET65 seems to be the strongest candidate at the moment. But, I digress, because to me it seems as though the Retro 30 / ET65 combo rather than just a quad of the 65's would be more ideal (soley based on the sound clips provided on your website.) The only issue I would worry about is the difference in power handling between the two. Should I at all be worried or would 65w and 75w speakers in one cab not really be an issue?

04/12/2013 3:43pm

No problem AT ALL with mixing the wattage's!

As far as adding the Ret 30's in ... tes, I personally really like that combo ... but ... be aware that the Ret 30's have a big extended bottom ... and an especially bright and extended top!

04/13/2013 5:42pm

I actually think the last two things you said are why I would like the Ret/ET combo, that additional "big extended bottom end" and "extended top" from the Retro's sounds like it would mix great with the more balanced, smooth 65. 

I think I'm going to give it a shot. Would you personally wire them up in an X pattern or, do the 65's on top of the 30's? 

Thanks for all the help thus far!

04/16/2013 7:06pm

Yea, that's why I really like that combination ... there were just a couple of things you mentioned in your initial post that made me feel I should point it out.

I'd probably do the 2 over 2 instead of x-pattern just because it's tough for me to remember what's where in the heat of a show with the x-pattern ... so I can't remember which one I want miced!  But that's just me...

04/18/2013 1:10pm

Sounds like a plan. 

I'm in Murfreesboro, TN, and I can remember reading that somewhere around Nashville I could hear all the WGS products in action, could you refresh my memory as to where that is? 

Thanks for all your help/advice thus far!

04/18/2013 6:23pm

Todd Tillamans "Anything Audio" in Hendersonville, TN.  He's at 615-822-4055.

He has the worlds only 8-head / 8-cab Gallien-Kruger custom made "Amp-O-Rama" amp & cab switcher  ... it's SERIOUSLY cool!