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Speaker suggestion for Orange OR120

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12/12/2012 4:31pm

I want to run my Orange OR120 head with my Sourmash 2x12 oval-back cabinet. Right now it has a pair of 50 watt Eminence Private Jack (50 watt Greenback-esque) speakers in it, which won't handle the Orange's power. After listening to some samples here, I've grown really fond of the sounds from the Liberator 80 and the Invader 50. The first sample for the Liberator and the second sample for the Invader sound pretty close to the tone I generally go for. Anyway....thought I'd ask others' opinions. What pair of WGS speakers would be a good match for this amp and will allow me to crank it into overdrive (it's a non-master volume 120 watt amp) without blowing anything up. Thanks.

12/23/2012 6:41pm

I used to own an orig 70s OR120 and they tend to be fat and thick in the bass and mids, but lacks bite in the higher mids and treble, in other words they dont have that aggressive marshall edge...so then I would suggest in WGS whatever their brightest most aggressive 80W or 75W would be that adds an edge that the orange lacks, so it cuts thru more. Kind of hard to tell from the WGS descrips which that would be as they are kind of vaguely worded.., but youre down to 4...either the british lead, the Lib 80, the HM75 or the retro 30 (75W). Call em and ask which of those has the most aggressive edge but still can handle all the lows well.

Also you cant judge anything by their clips at all...they are not uniformly comparable in any way...doesnt even say what was used...all kinds of different amps, guitars, pickups, mics, and players...so there is no way you can get any idea even roughly...too many variables. To be more useful, all the samples would need to be reamped using the same source clip, mic, etc...and they are not. Even then they will still sound different when you try them yourself.