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Speaker Suggestion for my 2x12

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03/08/2012 8:50am

I'm running a Hughes & Kettner Trilogy head through an Avatar Vintage 2x12 closed back cab loaded with Vintage 30's.

My main dislike is that the amp sounds very bright and cutting with any amount of distortion.  Clean it sounds nice, but add distortion and yuk.....

I play a lot of classic rock/blues, but also venture over to the hard rock/metal side.

I'm looking for a nice thick British sound that will make my mid gain tones growl, but will retain clarity and stay tight when I do  get into the higher gain stuff.

I appreciate any suggestions.


03/08/2012 5:32pm

I own a Retro 30 and previously owned an HM75.  Both are bright speakers like the celestions you currently have, but both are sweeter sounding, beefier and the high end doesn't hurt your ears.  I prefer the Retro 30 myself, but I'm about to pair it with one of the new Invaders (which, if they sound as good as they should, you should probably look at also).

03/09/2012 7:18am


Thanks for the suggestion.  Do you think it has more to do with the cabinet than the speakers?

I chose the cabinet based on it's dimmensions more than anyhting else, and that was because it fit the amps width and put it at a good height.

I'd be willing to try two Retro 30s in there, but again, should I be looking for another cabinet?


03/09/2012 8:49am

Hi!  I have that same cab in a semi-open back ... no worries there, it's a great (!!) Cab.  The problematic upper-mid "cutting" you describe is due to the (Chinese made) Celestion Vintage 30's. 

With the H&K Trilogy, I would strongly suggest my ol' standby 2x12 fav combo: a Retro 30 & an ET65.  The Ret will be the predominate voice of the cab, but the ET will help smooth & sweeten it ... just the right amount!

Hope this helps ... post back here w/your results :-)

03/11/2012 4:28pm

Thanks for the reply.

I ordered the Retro 30 / ET65 combo.

I'll post back on the results.

03/16/2012 7:51am

Well, it looks like the Retro 30 / ETS65 combonation cured the issues I was having with the V30s.  Once again I can actually use the trebble and presence controls as tone shaping tools and not as ice pick removers LOL.


The combination sounds great!  Very smooth top end that adds presence, but does not become harsh.  Nice crunchy mids and a good amount of lows.  Overall very musical and very versitile.  They sound good whether I set it for more of a classic rock or a scooped modern sound.


Thanks WGS!

09/06/2017 5:12pm

Do you think this combination would be good for a Grandmeister Deluxe 40 with a Mojotone 2-12 Bassman cabinet? I use this cabinet vertically, so would it be best to put the Retro 30 on the bottom to develop more bass from the quarter-space condition?

I want to get quacky strat sounds with clean tones and get a smooth, uncolored gain with a very tight chugging bass on metal tones.

09/12/2017 2:40pm

Yes, and yes.