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04/11/2012 2:44pm


I have a Blackstar 200 watt guitar amp

I am looking for speakers for a 212 cab that can handle this MONSTER AMP safely.

VERY tired of carrying around a 412 cab.

I hope you understand

THank you for your time

04/12/2012 7:55am

tell us about what tone you're going for...

06/14/2012 11:52pm

hard rock 


heavy metal when in the mood



06/15/2012 12:52am

It's been historically impossible to make a good sounding, articulate 12" guitar speaker capable of handling 100 tube watts.  The one that comes to mind is the Cast Frame EV EVM12L ... a BEAST of a speaker ... even a 2x12 with a pair of them would break your back!  Plus, they just don't sound good ... the problem is that everything has to be so heavy and stiff to take the power that it looses the nimble articulation that is so important to guitar tone.

If you can afford them, a pair of our Blackhawk HP AlNiCo's would work really well ... if not, our Britt Lead and Liberator are both close ... although if you really open her up it could still be a bit much for them.  Same goes for the HM75.

Hope this helps :-)