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Speaker recommendations for a 4x12 along with V30's...

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03/16/2014 12:56pm

Hello! I was wondering if I can get some speaker recommendations.

I have a Marshall 1960 cab with 2 stock T-75's and 2 Vintage 30's. I am not particularly fond of the sound in the room from the cab because I find it a bit bright and fizzy. I don't like how the T-75's sound mic'd for the stuff I want to do, but I do like how the V30's sound mic'd, so I wanna keep those two in.

I was wondering if you could recommend me a pair of speakers that would sound good when paired with Celestion V30's that can make the cab sound a bit darker/warmer in the room. I tend to prefer higher headroom too and good generous bass response.

What would you recommend? 

Thank you. 

03/17/2014 11:26pm

I'm considering the Reaper HP, and the ET-90. Would either give me warm, headroom-y, and loud? Think either will be a good match with Vintage 30's?

Michael McWilliams
03/22/2014 12:10am

I'm using an ET-90 with a V30 in a 2x12 Orange cab with an AD30HTC head, and it sounds great in combination with each other! Huge and expansive.    My only beef about the V30 is that it seems to distort early, but on the other hand, it adds some urgency to the sound.

Addendum 3/21/14:  I stand by my comment above about the ET90, but I changed it out to an ET65 which I think I like  a bit better with the V30.  The ET65 sounds  more natural/organic and balanced on top of the V30, whereas the 90 was somewhat overpowering.  Not wanting to waste a speaker, I put it in an extension cab to use with a Supersonic 22 loaded with a Cannabis Rex.  I haven't  had a chance to experiment with that combination - too busy digging the ET65 & V30.   (Note, I also tested out the Retro 30 with the V30 and that was not a good combo for my taste.  Sounded dull and didn't have the sparkle that came with the ET90 or 65 which is strange because the Retro by itself sounds crisp.)  

03/24/2014 1:44pm

Thanks for the reply!

Does the V30 not overpower the ET-65? And how is the headroom with the ET65?

Thank you. 

Michael McWilliams
03/26/2014 7:55am

I was using the ET90 in an open back Orange cabinet with the V30 (V30 on the bottom), and I felt the 90 gave it just a hair too much top end which is probably a testament to how effiecient that speaker is.  It was and is a great combo, but after experimenting with the ET65, for me, it just seemed to have a fuller sound matched with the V30.  It could be because since I'm using a relatively low watt amp (30 watts), it pushes the ET65 more efficiently since it uses a smaller magnet than the V30 . . . I just like what I hear.

If you're using a closed back Marshall cab, I think the 90s will work great in an X pattern.  What type of head are you using?  Also,  the headroom is better with a ET90. It's a fairly clean speaker. 

03/26/2014 11:22pm

I am using mostly a 20-watt Krank Rev Jr., but I also occasionally use a 120-watt Peavey XXX. I don't get to use my Peavey all that often because it's way too loud, but it's cool to have the extra headroom available if I want to jam with some dudes or whatever.

Based on your description, though, I think I'd prefer the ET65, honestly, because, even if it's a tad dirtier, I'd prefer it to be warmer to stirr away from the shrill highs I get from the T-75 as much as possible.


03/27/2018 11:34am

"I think I'd prefer the ET65, honestly, because, even if it's a tad dirtier, I'd prefer it to be warmer to stirr away from the shrill highs I get from the T-75"
YEP! Let us know how it works out.