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speaker for Peavey Classic 30?

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07/22/2011 3:18am

I'm looking to replace the speaker in my Peavey Classic 30. I'm going for an overdriven classic Fender blackface sound. So I'd guess that I'd want something similar to a Jensen...should I get the G12C?

I've got the 8ohm Veteran in another tube amp and like it, but I think I'd prefer a little more "Fender" sparkle from my Classic 30, if it can muster it. Apparently the Classic 30 is known for having a lot of midrange, and I've been told the Veteran 30 might not pair well with it. What would you guys recommend?


07/22/2011 7:24am

I've owned several classic 30's ... nice little amps!  Stay away from a Vet 30 with that bright little puppy!  If it were me, I'd go with an ET65 to warm it up and give it a more generous bottom - but if ya wanta stick with more classic Fender tones, then yes ... the G12.

07/22/2011 10:58am

Thanks for the advice! I'll give the ET65 a shot.

Ralph Hipps
09/21/2011 12:39pm

mwaters: did you install the ET65? if so, what are your thoughts? I have a classic 30 as well, wondering what you think.




Ralph Hipps
11/29/2017 11:21am

I finally upgraded to the ET65 in my '80 Classic 30.

I have to say, it sounds fantastic!!! I had a Blue Marvel originally, and tried a Vet 30 but I found the sound too bottom heavy and with no mid 'bark' at all. To me is was more of a broadband or high fidelity type speaker, maybe better for jazz, etc.

I wanted to get more growl, more of a traditional rock guitar bark & bite, and OMFG the ET65 delivers!!! Love that combo now!!

It's defnly the way to go with the C30!

12/20/2017 11:24am

Awesome, thanks for the report!