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Speaker for Peavey Bandit

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06/12/2012 10:05am

I have a Peavey Bandit that's 80 watts. Need a speaker to handle that and I see the Liberator is 80 watts. Is that a good match? The Bandit is a loud amp, so I hardly ever run the volume past 12 o'clock.

Daniel St Peters
07/29/2012 3:54pm


I'm no expert but...

First of all, are you talking about one of the old 80's Bandits? I remember that amp well and it was a bright, kinda harsh sounding solid state version of the Encore 65. It ran thru a Scorpion speaker (good driver) but was the beginning of the end for my association with solid state amps.

I would be looking for a speaker with a smooth high end to tame that noize. The antithesis of a Vintage 30. I'd be looking for something comparable to a G12h or maybe the Invader?

good luck

08/01/2012 10:53am

Yes ... I totally agree.  My gut tells me ET65 ... the only issue is that it is a medium magnet speaker, so the amp might not be quite as loud as with the scorpion ... but the tone will be SOOOO much better!!  The ET65 will easily handle the 80 SS watts.

Next best: The Liberator ... not quite as warm, but close ...

Post back w/results.  There is a Bandit in my favorite pawn shop I could pick up for a song ... been thinking about it, just for the heck of it!

Daniel St Peters
08/02/2012 10:23pm

The Scorpion will be the bigger man in a lot of pairings. It's a 4 ohm speaker with a big magnet and a secret.......

...it sounds great in a closed back!