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Speaker to Pair with an EVM12L

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06/14/2012 1:26pm

So I have an EVM12L in a Thiele spec cab, and I really like it.  Great bass and the upper midrange and highs are perfect.  It is just a little bright with my Jet City JCA22H.  I am looking to pair something with it, that will be in its own 1x12 cab.  I am looking for something that will fill out the middle a little bit.  Fatten it up and give it a little more depth.  I would love to try one of the Blackhawk versions, but that is too much cash to drop, and I already have a Scumnico.  The Scumnico with it isn't bad, but only part way to where I would like to be.  I was thinking maybe the Liberator, but am open to suggestions.




06/20/2012 5:12pm

Wow.  Six days and no help.  Oh well.  Dont' worry, Eminence helped me out plenty and answered all my questions.  I have a Super V12, Legend, V128, and a GB128 on the way.

Thanks, err, nevermind.


06/22/2012 9:51am

Interesting ... my first thought was Blackhawk ... and my second was Liberator !  So, all I can do is agree with you :-)