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Speaker for marshall vintage modern

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08/24/2014 1:24pm

Hi! I'm looking for a 4x12 wgs speakers for my marshall vintage modern. I'm thorn between reaper, green beret, retro or veteran. I play guns n roses, velvet revolver, hendrix, john mayer, black sabbath, ccr.

i already have a jcm 800 and hate the greenback with it, and change it for V30, i also play with gt-65 and like it.

but i really don't know for the vintage modern. Can you help me out with it? I want the slash kind tone, but want to have also good vintage clean, hendrix style.


thanks again!

08/26/2014 10:21am

Yep ... I hear ya!

My suggestion:

A pair of ET65's over a pair of Retro 30's ... or

ET90's over Ret 30s!

10/17/2019 4:42pm

I play Marshall’s