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Speaker to handle low end of Orange or120

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12/26/2013 12:38pm

I'm looking to fill 70's Marshall and Hiwatt 412 cabs. My main rig is an orange OR120 with 2 orange cabs. One V30s and the other 75s. There is never a time where I don't dime this amp. My sound is LOUD, THICK, and MEAN. I sometimes play baritone guitar through this set up. I also sometimes use an SVT as a clean pedal platform. My biggest fear is creasing a cone or maybe melting a voice coil.

Im looking for some speakers for my empty cabs and maybe even replace the ones in the oranges someday. The V30 orange has always been my favorite but I feel like something out there can beat it. Not a big fan of the GT75s.

The ET90 seems very appealing to me. What other speakers should I try? Based on the tone chart the Veteran 30, Reaper 55Hz, and ET90 interest me the most.

I'm open to any suggestions at all! Thanks!


12/26/2013 5:25pm

Man, as I was reading, I was thinking ET90 ... and then you mentioned it too!  Great minds?

The other option, since you like your Vintage 30's would be WGS Vet 30's ... which are similar ... but a little warmer/bigger on the bottom and without the 2k icepick.

BTW, what's the band?  Man, I'm lucky if I get to open up one of my 40-watt Fenders!

12/27/2013 8:38am

Awesome! I can't wait to try the ET90! I bet the Veteran 30 will be awesome too!

I play in two loud n heavy punk bands called Bad Friends and Braincandy. I also play in a Deep Purple/Sabbath style band called Monster Movie. Just finishing the new record now. Also working on two new projects.

Thanks for the tips! I'll be sure to post my thoughts after I get the new speakers. And hopefully record with them in the next few months!

02/06/2014 11:34am

Well the ET-90s sound pretty awesome. They go very well with my V30's. I put 4 ET-90s in my Hiwatt 412 wich goes on top of my orange 412 with V30s. The ET-90 is much more clear but still has pretty good low end. Also very loud. The V30s have a much nastier mid range growl and some more low end that I like very much. Sometimes they get a bit muddy the way I push them. But the combo is wonderful. It helps me cut through even more now! I let a friend use the Hiwatt cab on top of his old marshall with 75's and it sounded awesome. He was louder than ever and I felt like you could hear what he was playing better than before. The ET-90s crushed his 75s

Overall review - very LOUD AND CLEAR speakers that should sound good for just about anything

*Also recorded last weekend with both cabs and my OR120 cranked. Hopefully I can post some guitar clips comparing and combining the two

02/07/2014 5:36am

The ET90 is just a higher powered ET65,right?I have two ET65´s and love them, so i don´t have to buy the ET90, i hope ;-)

Michael McWilliams
02/10/2014 8:33pm


Couldn't agree more about the ET90 + V30 combo.  I originally purchased the ET90 to use in my Fender Supersonic 22 but I thought it was a bit too bright even after 4 hours of gig time unlike Vaughn's demo of it in his SS22 shootout, which sounded perfecto!  I also have an Orange AD30 with two V30s, so I yanked out one of them out to use with the SS22 and the result was much more mid mellowness yet plenty of Fender high-end spank.  The ET90 was paired with the lone V30 in the Orange cab, and man, what a combination!  The AD30 tends to be a little dark, but the ET90 has really brightened it up a bit with sparkle and presence, yet a solid low end with  mids covered by the V30. 


05/05/2014 12:51pm

How do you guys thing a 4x12 loaded with 2 Reapers and 2 Invaders would work for a QOTSA type sound through a 90s reissue OR120?  Too bassy?