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Speaker to complement a G12C in a BDRI

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Michael McWilliams
04/25/2012 8:13am

I found a great deal on a Hot Rod extension cabinet in tweed online to match my BDRI, but I need something to match up with the G12C that just installed in the Blues Deluxe last night. 

I took it out to a jam last night to get it broken in, and I must say I am pleasantly surprised.  The G12 has the brightness without the in-your-face mids and the spikes, and suprisingly, plenty of tight bass.  (I had wondered what the bass response would be since the G12 speaker cones are not doped around the edges).  Think more of a Hendrix sound than Stevie Ray, using a Jim Adkins P-90 Tele with the tone controls set at noon on the amp.

The extension cabinet has a stock Celestion, which frankly, sounds like crap.  Vaughn, if you're reading this, what would be a recommendation?  Something with a hair more mids and chug?  The ever-popular ET65 or what about the new Liberator?  I also have a Cannabis Rex that I'm thinking about installing to replace the Celestion, but it seems a speaker with a bit more mids and round bass would sound good with the G12.


Michael McWilliams
04/26/2012 7:11am

Would the Liberator be a nice complement to the G12 for use with the Blues Deluxe?  From the demos, I like the sound of it vs. the ET65 which sounded muffled.

Note to Dan:  Have you thought of opening a demo room (by appointment) where one could bring their amp down to the factory to hook up to a switchable bank of all the WGS speakers for a demo? 

04/26/2012 6:12pm

I think I actually used to own that same cab ... only in standard black tolex ... and yes, the stock celestion is prety much just something that fills the hole and makes noise!

Another G12 would be nice ... and it would sound different in the closed back cab ... so it wouldn't be just more of the same thing.  If it were me, it would be an ET65, which pairs very well with the G12 ... but the Lib may be just your thing if you are concerned about the ET being too dark.  Another good choice would be a Reaper, go HP if you think you might want to use JUST the ext cab ... otherwise, the slightly more articulate standard Reaper would easily share the Blues Deluxe's output.

Oh, also, my buddy Todd Tillamans just put in a full WGS listening room at Anything Audio, and sells the full WGS line as well ... if you're in the Nashville area drop him a line. toddt@comcast.net

Michael McWilliams
05/06/2012 1:27am

I ended up getting the Reaper HP and putting it in the closed extension cab, and it sounds marvelous.  Very Fenderish sounding, the speaker has great top end sparkle and tight bass (and it's not yet fully broken in), but just enough mids to make it stand out but not enough that it barks like a V30.   I may switch the speakers at some point, putting the Reaper HP into the open back BDRI and the G12C into the closed cab, just to see what difference the sound would be.  I would have already tried, but it's a pain to get the Blues Deluxe chassis back into the cab without ripping up the stick-on shielding on the sides of the cab!


05/10/2012 8:40pm

Awesome!  And seriously, thanks for taking the time to post back here ... it helps us all!


Yea, those lil Fender's are tight inside, ain't they?? Leo must be turning over in his grave, if he knows amps that bear his name must have the chassis removed just to replace a speaker!!!

Michael McWilliams
07/16/2012 8:34am

Vaughn, an update . . .

After playing/using a G12C and the Reaper HP (in an extension cab) together for a few months in the Blues Deluxe, I decided they didn't really compliment each other and my sound seemed a bit strident with not enough warmth in the lower mids.  After reading so much about the ET65, I decided I'd use the G12C in another amp, a Carvin, and install the ET65 although I had reservations because of comments that it might be too dark.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.  It has just enough brightness without honking in the midrange, which is what I was afraid of in a British-voiced speaker, and the sound is just creamy, especially with a bit of overdrive.  The Reaper HP in the extension cab sounds similarly voiced but with a bit more midrange sparkle.  But the combo of the two (ET65 in the open back cab and the Reaper in the closed extension cab on the bottom) gives a wonderful three dimensional sound: sparkly highs, creamy mids and a tight bass.

A power tube replacement probably didn't hurt, either.  Nonetheless. I couldn't be more pleased and I'm a dedicated WGS fan from here on.




07/16/2012 11:08am

The ET 65 is not voiced like you would expect from a speaker that it touted as "British" ... it's more of a Fane warm sound than a Celestion strident tone.

The ET65 is always a fav of mine for taking a single 12 Fender combo into a new realm of versatility.

Thanks for posting back :-)

04/04/2013 1:35am

Hi from Australia, could you please tell me if you tried G12 vs Cannabis Rex.

I have the Rex and am trying to nail down a suitable WGS?

I want some fender tops, some smoothness and a little extra bass wouldnt hurt because my amp is the Tweaker 15. I figure the WGS G12 CS "Orange" might be the go?


Was also thinking of the WGS G15 C because the bass is large smooth, theres not much high mid but some soft sparkle in the treble, could go well with the warm and textured Rex.

What you think?

04/09/2013 7:39pm

Well ... the Cannabis is not nearly as bright and articulate as the standard (ribbed) G12 ... but is about on par with the G12CS.

Yes, I think the G12 C/S would be a good choice for what you want.