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speaker combo for Traynor YSR-1 reverb master

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11/04/2012 1:27pm

(revised)any recommendations for good WGS speakers for 2x12 cabinet with Traynor YSR-1 head. looking for strong midrange, crisp highs, slightly tamed lows.

11/09/2012 1:40pm


11/11/2012 5:33pm

Every time I come to answer your post ... you've changed it!  I actually liked your initial (long) post.

Sooo ... judging from what I've read in all of your posts ... I'm going to say:

Retro 30's:The most sparkle of any WGS model

Vet 30: You can't go wrong ... classic Brit tone!

Invader: These nail your request!  All the urgent midrange you could ever ask for, a little more sparkle than the pure Vint 30 tone, and a solid, but not overbearing bottom.

Hope this helps.  Please post back with your results!

11/14/2012 5:08pm

Yes, thanks! everything keeps rolling towards the Invaders. Or they're doing the rolling, not sure. I don't recall exactly what I wrote before, but it confused me when I reread it.

I'm eyeing one of those old fender bassman cabs, the 'pyramid' 4x12 layout. Tried it out once and can't shake it, like the sound washes past you and comes roaring back from somewhere close behind, oh shit that's the train and i'm standing on the train tracks kind of feeling. Rather invasive. If I end up getting it, I'm sure you'll have  another chance to respond to diamond-shaped rambling cone jargon!

Invaders ordered tomorrow! thanks again


11/30/2012 10:23am

The invaders are a great match for this head, they allow the midrange to open up in a way I hadn't heard before, snarly prominent, and a little oily. The speakers are currently in an open-back 2x12, somehow. And somehow this cabinet works perfectly, probably because it supports alittle more viscosity in the low end, which is still pretty tight, and lets the speakers punch with the mid-range.

This particular YSR-1 custom reverb (~71, no mods) has one of those completely non-intuitive tone stacks, interactive bass and treble controls which yield sudden fluctuations with a slight twist- massive scoops, cannonball bass, hunchback bleeding highs. Through the invaders, most of these horrid little surprises become almost inspiring. Compared to the reapers, which to my ears make my Traynor sound More of what it is, the Invaders have a more stubborn character; while they handle pretty solidly all the highs and lows and lonesome surprises, always prominent is that wonderful greenback quality, the aggro-grit and snarl, the flaming vibraphone mids. I feel like my amp and speakers are fighting, and loving. and fighting. Perfect match! Thanks much


12/04/2012 1:58pm

Cool ... thanks for taking the time to report back!