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Speaker for a combination 5E3 - Princeton Reverb

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06/27/2012 8:31pm

I am looking for a speaker for an amp I am building which has two voices, one dirty, basically it is a 5E3, and another configuration which is set up like a Princeton Reverb. Not interersted in the Alnico speakers, too rich for my blood. I have a ET-65 but find it a bit muted . Mainly using a Tele for now. Thanks.

07/04/2012 1:34pm

Aw shoot ... I was getting ready to jump all over the Black-n-Blue or Blackhawk ... which I currently have in my orig. 5e3 Deluxe (check out: http://www.wgs4.com/wgs-blackhawk-alnico-speaker-tweed-fender-deluxe-amp).

So ... if you can't go AlNiCo, then ... I'd go Retro 30, or maybe Reaper (not HP).

Hope this helps ... post back w/your results!