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Speaker Break In?

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06/15/2011 9:25am

I was under the impression that all speakers required break-in, but I have read on another forum that yours do not. I have not found any info on your website on the subject. What do you recommend?

06/16/2011 10:01pm

WGS speakers do sound a lot better "just out of the box" than any others I've tested/owned, however, yes, they do get a little sweeter and open after some play-in ... but it takes a lot less time.  For instance, a modern Jensen will arrive very tight and strident and requires a fair amount of break in before it even sounds decent - a WGS speaker will arrive sounding already loose and broken-in, but it will still sweeten up a little through the first few weeks of regular playing.  That's been my experience, anyway.

06/17/2011 11:10pm

Great to know!

I have read of having to hook up a filament transformer to other brands an run them for 40+ hours to get them to sound like they should.

This info makes it just that much more attractive to buy your speakers. Thanks!