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A speaker for 50 watt plexi

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09/19/2014 8:10am

I play a 68' 1987x clone head. It has a PPIMV installed but I'd like to open it up a little bit with an inefficient speaker. 

I am planning on using a single 12 cabinet due to its convinience to move around + volume... 

I am thinking about Invader 50 or ET65.. What do you recommend? The cab will be closed back. 

I want something that is inefficient but able to handle high power. 

Most likely I won't run the PPIMV above half. 

What's your speaker suggestion and opinion on using 1x12 for this head? 

09/19/2014 9:14am

Yea ... those would be my top pics, too ...

I'd probably go ET65 ... it's not really less efficient ... but it does sort of sound that way due to it's extremely organic nature.  On the other hand, the Invader will sound a LOT like an opened up Green Back ... with a little more aggressive, urgent midrange ... also not a bad choice.

Let us know whatcha pick, and your results!

09/19/2014 10:35am

one of the concerns is the volume. It does have PPIMV but I have to run it extremely low if I use an efficient speaker. 

Right now I am using the cab part of my Budda Superdrive 18 combo which has a budda Phat12 stock speaker in it which is about 103 db..... so if I can put a speaker with 98 db rating or so, it would be like doing 2 licks on an attenuator. Would Invader 50 handle the power? I mean I won't be running the amp full blast at any situation. The loudest I would go will be probably halfway up on the post phase inverter master like I said. 

And yes I will definitely make a clip or something. 

09/19/2014 11:05am

How about a liberator? It is 80 watt rating.. Thought it would be safer than ET65?

09/19/2014 7:47pm

I'd stick with one of your first choices ... either of which is safe with the wattage :-)

09/20/2014 12:13am

Are your speakers rated with caution? Like 50W amp cranked will put out more than 50W.. are your speakers designed with that factored into it? That would be great! I could have a peace of mind that I will never blow the speaker!

09/22/2014 10:27am

From an earlier post of this same question:

"WGS rates speakers the way they were rated in the 50's & 60's ... in true RMS "Tube" watts.

Sooo ... two 50-watt speakers are safe with a 100-watt tube amp :-) "