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Something every WGS DIY fan and purchaser would want!!!

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06/12/2014 2:52pm

I am building my own cabinet based on your reccommendations for speakers. My problem arises during the design/decorating process with regard to labelling. I want to badge or name the cab, but obviously won't put a Marshall or Fender logo on it. 

Has Warehouse Guitar Speakers ever thought of providing a speaker cabinet grill badge so we can show off whats inside our cab (other than by sound of course)? I'd even pay for something like that!

Something like the logo from the back of the speakers carved out relief similar to how Orange Amplification does theirs! I tried to post some pics and renders but the format would not allow...

What do you think Vaughn and fellow DIYers??? Sound Off!

Thanks for looking...

07/16/2014 8:00pm

I second the idea of a grill badge. I would really like a badge for my grill. It's cheap advertising for WGS when we are playing out and might provide you with brand recognition and increased sales.

07/17/2014 6:44pm

That's a great idea ... I bet we can make this happen fairly quickly!

10/18/2014 7:44am

I absolutely agree!  Eminence does a small badge but I want to show off I have Warehouse Guitar Speakers inside!  Honestly if you were in any musical situation where you are listening to someone elses massive tone and you notice they are using say WGS you would very quickly be considering WGS.  Easy advertising for you guys and a little showing off for us your customers.  WGS has defined my tone and I would love to share it.

Add me to the list Im in!

David Bolognia
11/10/2014 10:59am

I'm a plastic-product designer, with numerous contacts in the plastics industry, and it would be easy to get a mold built and produce as many badges as you need, at a fairly reasonable cost if you deal direct with the molder, and avoid the low-quality "Your Logo Here" merchandising companies.

11/13/2014 11:22am

Going to run this one up the flag-pole again...

cross your fingers!!!

12/05/2014 10:37am

Hey they are here!
To the four of you who have posted here, and kept REMINDING us you WANT these ... email me ( with your shipping address and I'll send ya one FREE :-)
Here's the link to the new badges, and again ... thanks for reminding us, and thanks for your patience!

12/12/2014 7:23pm

Awesome! I sent you my address via email. Thanks guys!!!