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Sleaper Amps revisited ... Great Minds DO think alike!

Sleaper Amps revisited ... Great Minds DO think alike!

Hello Friendly friends!  Today I’d like to start out by pointing you in the direction of somebody else’s blog … yep, I’m turning you over to the competition! Not really … we’re all one big blogeriffic family :-)

Anywhoo … I subscribe to Premier Guitar Magazine, and often read their weekly blogs.  The one I just read is entitled Joe Bonamassa’s 5 Most Underrated Amps, and sittin’ pretty at No. 1 was the Lab Series L5.  Wow, great minds really DO think alike!  The Lab Series L5, L7, & L9 (which are all the same amps in 2-12, 4-10, & 1-15 speaker configurations) have been at the top of my “under-rated” list for years now. 

So, after reading Joe Bonamassa’s 5 Most Underrated Amps, take a gander at my blog of a couple years back: Lab Series L5, L7, & L9: the Ultimate Sleeper Amp?

Pretty cool, huh?  Yea man!  And, if you search the WGS site, you will find several threads from folks who have replaced the speakers in their in-expensively acquired Lab Series amps … and unleashed a serious tone machine.  Like so many amps, the SPEAKERS were actually the weak point in the Labs.  Heck, how important can the speaker be anyway … they only make the actual SOUND, right?  Amp manufacturers, when will you learn?  Oh well, there is a bright side … decades of amps being made with crappy OEM speakers has created a fantastic market for manufacturing and selling high-quality replacement speakers :-)

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11/24/2014 11:14pm

Vaughn, I posted before and wanted to give you an update: I love my Lab Series L5 with 12" ET-65 paired with a Retro-30... It just gets better as it gets played more.   I've chopped the L5 down to be just a head and have the WGS speakers in a closed back 2x12 cab.  Here is a demo with my band "Rickshaw Lizard". Hope you like it!  I'm the drummer, but our guitarist loves the amp and speakers -- he plays it more than I do!: