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07/02/2013 8:58am


I've Rivera k-tré Reverb amp with 4x12 Rivera Cab loaded with celestion v30.

I find v30 to be a good speaker when I hear them from beside, but when hear them from the front, at medium+ volumes, I get a very harsh, strident sound on the high end or mid high! it hurts the ears and losses all the defenition! too much bright, do people find this problem too?

I play modern Metalcore sound in drop C, like killswitch engage, august burns red, parkway drive... high gain sound with very tigh and powerfull bass type of sound.

Im thinking about getting 2 ET65 and put them on the top, while leaving celestion v30 on the bottom where they can't hurt anyone...

This amp already has alot of bass, and i have an Ibanez S series with bareknucle warpig (with alot of bass too), so i think the g12t-75 or HM75 will be too much, and seems the ET65 give  tight sound, great for metal...

Am I thinking right? Will the ET65 be a great upgrade? tell me your thoughts

07/02/2013 9:31am

I'm not familiar with that amp ... but all of your reasoning seams sound to me ...

Just be aware that the ET65's are a dB or so quieter than the V30's ... so overall, your cab will be warmer and more 3-dimensional ... but also just a tad bit quieter.

07/02/2013 9:41am

I think that will not be a problem. my problem it's that strident sound, you know what I mean? it's hard to know the final result, but it seems the ET65 will work great, and they work well with v30 / vet30 type of sound, and will give me a more balanced sound right?

07/02/2013 3:12pm

Yes ... and yes :-)

07/15/2013 11:04am

Hi Again!

So, i'm still between the ET65 or HM75. I really like the HM75 clips.

Does the HM75 combine well with v30?? And are the HM75 bottom end tight enought?

Im afraid that et65 will not give me the bite that the hm75 does. In the other hand i'm afraid HM75 bass will be too much.

I'm sure that any of them will upgrade my strident cab of v30 lol... the question is, whats the best for my needs

07/18/2013 10:35pm

Well ... the ET is just a more warm, balanced, organic speaker overall.

The HM75 is a bit more aggressive (probably what you term "strident") overall.  It's a speaker that's good for hitting hard accross the board ... and it doesn't sound it's best until it's hit pretty hard itself.  The bottom is actually very tight and controlled (that's why we like it so much on extreme drop-tunings) ... it's the hard-hitting top that I'm afraid you MIGHT not like ... although it WILL be smoother on top than your V30.

07/19/2013 8:21am

my friend got's the same amp and cab, but with g12t-75 and it sounds better then v30 for what we want. it has bite but in a good way, v30 just kills my ears lol.

HM75 it's warmer then g12t-75, right? and less scooped ?

check the amp with g12t-75: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wTFI61x9jU

and if I put 2 hm75 on the top, because i wanted to be the dominant sound, you think it will combine well with the v30 on the bottom? 

tks for all the support