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Replacement/Upgrage 10" Speaker.

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03/10/2012 4:25pm

I have a cheap Hartke G-10H guitar cab that is powered by a Marshall AVT150H.  Odd pairing due to buying the head after it caught fire for a second and fixing it for too cheap.  The cab is a project as well.  It has some cheap celestion or liscensed celestions that are crackling and need to be replaced.  Now my guitar is a Peavey EVH Wolfgang, all factory.  I want to stay with the 10" guitar speakers but want something more.  I really like the EVH sound but I also like a bluesy or dialed back tone at times too.  I saw the Veteran 30s, similar to the Vintage 30s, but I want to go with a 10" speaker because of my current cab size.  Would the Veteran 10" speakers be similar in sound?  Are there other 10" speakers that sould sound similar to a Vintage 30?  I rarely have the overall amp volume above 3-4 as I play in the bedroom.