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Replacement Speakers For Vintage Silverface Fender Twin

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11/25/2014 10:55pm

I'm trying to nail down some new speakers for my "Blackfaced" Vintage 70's Fender Twin after discovering the stock speakers had been blown at some point. 

I enjoyed the stock Blue Label Fender Speakers that the amp came with, but I always felt the speakers had a little bit to much low mids. Not sure if the speaker is alnico or ceramic.

I should also mention that my Twin has ALOT of bass. I usually don't turn the volume past 5. The bass control is usually around 3 and is plenty pronounced. Don't know if the speakers have something to do with this or not. I use pedals to get all my overdrive/distortion tones.

I play mostly ambient rock music with tons of reverb/delay, high octave Whammy and "shimmer" effects, and play a fair share of high distortion/big muff tone passages. 

I'm looking for a speaker that can give me a great clean tone, no muddy-ness, pairs well with big muff style distortion, and allows higher octave sounds to be defined without sounding shrill.

Thank-you for any help!

P.S. I'm a University student on a budget. Kinda want to stay away from expensive AlNiCo's but if they can do what I want, I'll find a way.

11/30/2014 7:40pm

I'm leaning hard towards a pair of G12C/S. Any thoughts?

12/02/2014 12:35am

"I'm looking for a speaker that can give me a great clean tone, no muddy-ness, pairs well with big muff style distortion, and allows higher octave sounds to be defined without sounding shrill."

That's a pair of ET65's FOR SURE!  Don't second guess it, just go for it.  (I've given this advice to folks who have put something ELSE in their twin ... and then come back & get the ET65 saying "shoulda listened the first time").

I think the G12C/S's would be way too bottom heavy given everything you have said.

12/02/2014 2:48pm

Guess I'm going with the ET-65's. Will report back in a month or so with my thoughts. 

12/05/2014 10:12pm

If you're looking for mostly cleans, I would also consider the ET-90. It has the basic sound of the ET-65 but is more "high fidelity." That in no way implies that the 65 is lo-fi, but I have both speakers and the 90 has a touch more sparkle and generally a tighter sound due to the larger magnet structure.

12/29/2014 12:26am

Finally got the speakers on the 27th. Installed them right before band practice, and then gigged with them later o in the night.

All I can say is WOW.

I was hoping these would sound just as good as the original speakers but these are above and beyond. All my dirt pedals sound alot more spread out then clumped together if that makes any sense. I use a lot of trebely guitars which sounded shrill with the old speakers causing me to lessen the highs. This always made the amp sound laking. These speakers fixed that problem by taking a lot of the crappy high frquencies and keeping the musical ones. I can't get over how amazing this amp sounds now.

To me these speakers shouldn't be branded as British. It turns away to many Fender amp guys thinking they're gonna get a celestion voiced set that can't do cleans. These are perfect in a twin period. If you have a rig similar to mine, even better. Highly recomended.

12/29/2014 4:17pm

Yes, I agree with the idea that they shouldn't be considered fully "British".  I usually refer to them as having one foot on British soil ... and one firmly planted on "this side of the pond".

Thanks for taking the time to post your results!

09/10/2015 9:17am

Can two ET65 handle 135Watts from an ultralinear Silverface Twin? Or should I better take two ET90?

09/11/2015 11:42am