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Replacement Speakers for Gibson Lab Series L5

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09/02/2013 7:50pm

Picked up one of these beauties recently and wondered what WGS speakers would work well in it. Stock speakers seem fine but what would be a good upgrade? Classic rock/blues tones. Thanks!

09/06/2013 8:15pm

Cool!  Have you read my blog:

Honestly, unless it has the factory E/V's ... almost anything would be a good upgrade!  Knowing those amps as I do ... here's what I'd look for:

A speaker that brightens them up some (They're quite dark).

A speaker pair that can handle the true 100-watts RMS output of those puppies.

So ... first choice would probably be a pair of G12C's ... for pure American tone (Twin Reverb).

Or, a pair of Retro 30's for a tone that's a little more Britt inspired.

Or, one of each :-)

09/07/2013 9:45am

Hey Vaughn- Yes, I read your article on sleeper amps and watched your vid on the L7 and L9 and that's what got me curious about them. I found an L5 all-original for 300 clams- even has the original dust cover. It's a little dirty but everything works and it sounds fantastic.

Already amazed at the sound, I hooked it up to a 2x12 cab with a Vet 30 and Reaper combo and WOW!- even more brilliant and articulate with more resonant bottom as well. The stock speakers are very good but after hooking it up to the cab, I know it could sound even better but I know I need something pretty high powered in there.

This really is an incredible amp- especially for the $. I found an L7 locally in good condition and was very tempted to get that one but this was cheaper and the L7 is just a little to big for me. 2x12 combos are about as big as I can justify weight-wise... and the L5 weighs plenty enough.

Always appreciate your vids and advice. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks Vaughn!

09/16/2013 9:39am

If you want to go the Vet 30 / Reaper route, be SURE to go with a Reaper HP :-)

12/03/2013 4:45pm

Hey Vaughn-

I just got one of the Retro 30s and a g12c and put them in the L5. First impression was bright and chimey with excellent articulation and touch sensitivity. Very retro sounding (of course). I also noticed right away that playing on the neck pickup sounded much clearer with this combo. Playing on the neck pu always seems to sound a little muddy and undifined to me in most situations but this really sounds good especially on the neck pu.

I had been running the L5 with a pair of Vet 30s I already had and that sounded better than the stock speakers but still a little dark for this amp so you were absolutely right about the Retro 30 and g12c combo "brightening-up" the L5.

The low end remains good but the mids and highs really come through now. Chimey and shimmery. Still tweaking the EQ a bit but so far, I'm very happy with what I'm hearing.

Thanks for the recommendation- it was spot-on!


01/03/2014 12:17am

Just wanted to say these speakers still sound great and even better after breaking in (smoother, fuller but still bright and tight).

I've also run several other amps through these speakers loaded in the L5 and every one sounds incredible through this combination- especially my little modded Epiphone Valve Jr. Makes it sound like a BEAST!

Thanks again Vaughn and WGS!

07/13/2014 8:08am

Hey guys, 

This forum / converstation is great, you've both answered my long running question about my L5. I do have one question for either of you. I think I'm interested in getting that speaker set up of the retro 30s and g12c's. What impedance is best for this amp? I was never good at understanding the who ohm / impedance laws of amps.

07/13/2014 9:25am

Excellent question ... as these SS amps are a bit picky about impedance ... and ya sure don't want to blow anything in these ... many techs can't work on them!

The Lab Series all look for an 8-ohm load, regardless of if it's a 1x15 L9, a 4x10 L7, or a 2x12 L5 like yours ... so ...

Go with a pair of 16-ohm 12s, wired in parallel (like it came from the factory).  You will be unleashing what is unquestionably one of the best sounding SS amps EVER!

Also, thanks Scott for taking the time to post your results ... so we ALL can learn from them :-)

07/14/2014 7:36am

A year or so on and it still sounds great. My number #1 for a clean pedal platform- and I've tried lots of amps and speaker combos. For the record, I did try a set of Veteran 30s in the Lab before I got the current speakers and while they too sounded great, the Retro and G12C are brighter and definitely make the amp sound more alive and present which is exactly what this amp needs.

07/17/2015 1:14am

Just picked up a L3 (single 12") without a speaker. I don't have the amp in my posession yet but I believe it is a recommended 4 ohm load. What speaker would you recommend for the L3 and is it available in 4ohm?


07/21/2015 2:23pm

Hummm .... I think it needs 8-ohm.

Anyway, never played one ... but if it's as bottom-heavy as it's big brothers ... then I'd go G12C or Retro 30.

03/27/2019 10:55pm

Best replacement speakers for the Lab Series L5 guitar amp. Greatly appreciated.

06/20/2019 4:09pm

Hi, am looking to upgrade a L5 from stock with WGS speakers and just to be sure, please if you can confirm that I need to order a pair of 12" speakers, 75 watt, 16 ohms wired in parallel. Many thanks! Steve

06/20/2019 4:12pm

One other question! - to pair with a Retro 30 would you go with WGS G12/C or WGS G12C/S, Thx

06/25/2019 3:23pm

NOT (!!!) The C/S smooth cone ... they are very dark! Go with a regular ribbed G12C and a Ret 30. And yes, two 16-ohm in parallel will make the amp happy!