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Replacement speaker for Traynor YCV40

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05/12/2012 10:24am

Looking to remove the 70/80 speaker. Looking for as clean as possible, even when pushing the amp, using pedals for overdrive. Playing mostly blues, r&b, and classic rock, using Clapton strat, & reissue strat mostly, but sometimes teles, or 335. Was thinking about the G12C/S, but wondering if ET65 would be better choice. Any other suggestions appreciated. Thanks.......don

06/01/2012 4:48pm

FWIW, I had a Traynor YCV50 that had a Vintage 30 in it and thought it sounded pretty good (for same styles of music you mentioned). This was especially true after I upgraded the preamp tubes.

At any rate, it would seem that a Retro 30 or Veteran 30 would be the in that ballpark

06/05/2012 7:57pm

Two thumbs up for the Retro 30!!  Post Back w/your results :-)

06/06/2012 5:23am

I'm also looking for a speaker for my YCV40. I'm planning on putting in a set of KT77s with the hopes of getting some EL34 crunch in the dirt channel while not loosing all the warm Fendery goodness of the clean channel. I'm trying to decide between a Veteran 30 and an ET65 (or something else?) that'll achieve the same goal speaker-wise. Will the Vet 30 sound good for Stones-y breakup on the clean channel? I play P90s and go for edge of breakup clean tone and mid-gain crunch, no JC120 cleans or chug metal. Anyone have any suggestions?


06/06/2012 9:53pm

Same advice: Ret 30!!

06/07/2012 9:58am

KT-77's are a great choice. I swapped them into the YCV50 I had. Compared to EL-34's they were just a little more articulate. Hard to describe, but while things were nice and creamy/crunchy, notes seemed to ring a little more and have a little finer point on them with the 77's.

Again I had a Vintage 30, and was very happy with the tone, so seems like the Ret or Vet 30 would be likely candidates.

I downsized and sold the Traynor a while ago, so I have a matched pair of JJ KT-77's if you're interested

06/09/2012 10:44am

I'm not sure about the high end on the Retro for this amp- the Traynor is a little brittle on top, and I'm looking for something that tames that without being dark. I watched your shootout video (love the vids, btw) and the Retro sounded like it had some high end air/sparkle that isn't what I need- the Veteran was more in line with what I'm looking for. My only hesitation is that I want something that has decent bottom end and sounds good clean too, which is why I'm thinking about the ET65. So, I want an apple that tastes like an apple and an orange at the same time, I guess. I don't necessarily want Fender clean out of the speaker, just something that doesn't sound fizzy and constricted unless you're pushing the crap out of it, which is my general opinion of Celestions.