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Replacement Speaker for Peavey Vypyr 75w

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03/31/2012 12:02pm

Hello all,

I want to replace the speaker in my Peavey Vypyr 75w. Here is my amp: (scroll down to Specifications). It does not have a speaker out jack like the tube versions.

Here's a back view of the amp: The left cable is the power and the right cable is the footswitch.

The description says it houses a 12" custom voiced modeling speaker, this is not true. It has a 12" Peavey Blue Marvel. It is an 8ohm speaker. Here is the link to it: (Click on the Features tab.)

Here is a picture of the speaker housed in the amp:

The back of my amp says 75 Watts, 24.4V RMS, 8 Ohms. The back of the speaker says 8 Ohms.

I've never done a speaker swap and don't know anything about requirements, so I'm here looking for help choosing the right speaker. Ideally I would like to go with the 12" Veteran 30 - 60w speaker. But I'm not sure how the 60w of the speaker vs the 75w of my amp will work out. Would the 12" Retro 30 - 75w be a better choice?

Also, when I do purchase the speaker, do I need to get 8 ohms or 16 ohms?

Thanks for you help!

04/12/2012 8:10am

Yea, the "Blue Marvel" speakers are anything but marvelous!  Peavey sticks those in anything they need to keep the cost down on...

The modeling thing is a little tricky ... but I think you would like the Retro 30.  Another option would be the HM 75.

Hope this helps ... post back w/your results :-)