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Replacement speaker Fender Princeton Silverface (non reverb)

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01/24/2016 7:35am

Hi everyone, I'm looking for a replacement speaker for my Fender Princeton Silverface (non reverb). It has the original 10" Oxford speaker in it. With volume at 4, bass at 5 and treble at 3 and a clean boost it sounds nice for clean stuff. I often use it with delay and reverb. I would like to use the amp with volume at 6 or higher (to get towards breakup) and with low to medium overdrive, but then te higher frequencies are not nice for my ears. Simply put: I have to turn the treble even lower. And overall I miss some guts.

I have had the amp checked by a technician recently. The amp is in good and (almost) original condition. His advice was to look for a new speaker. After lots of Googling and Youtubing (thanks Vaughn) I found WGS and I think I like the ET-65 the most right now. But since that is a 12" speaker I would go for it's 10" brother, the ET-10. Based on some Youtube movies I showed him, he (the technician) thought the G10C/S would get me closer to what I want.

So I would like to hear your experience/advice on this one. I play a Telecaster with Lollar 52 pickups. Most of the guitar things I play gravitates towards Hillsong, Bethel and Chris Tomlin. Looking forward to your replies!