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reaper vs retro for diy 1x12?

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07/12/2011 9:17am

Hi Vaughn, 


I’ve been enjoying your comparison videos and am trying to decide what to use for a 1x12 cabinet I’m building.  The cab will be semi open backed, although I'll probably build it so it can be closed up also.  Kind of a blues-breaker, oversized thing (like the Avatar vintage 112).  I will be using it for about any style of rock, except the extremely heavy/death type of tones.  From what I’ve heard so far, I like both the Reaper (not the 55) and the Retro.  Seems like the Retro is a little more refined/controlled and the Reaper may be a little looser but with nice complexity (and attitude) to the tone.  I definitely preferred the Retro to the Veteran (seemed more ‘alive’…not just more highs).  Any words of wisdom or advice? 






07/12/2011 9:59am

The regular Reaper (30) will certainly get loose and break up a lot faster than the Retro 30, which has a much beefier voice-coil.  If you want the tone of the Reaper, without the early looseness and break-up ... then the Reaper HP is the choice.  The Retro 30 is awesome, and sounds quite predominately Britt flavored ... a good thing if that's what you are after.  Here's a thought:  I've been playing with the new (ET65 based) Liberator, and it's really rocking my world.  It has the big, warm bottom of the ET65, with the more full and urgent upper-mids and highs of ... say the Retro 30 or Reaper.  My thoughts are still preliminary, we'll be doing extensive listening & comparison tests for next weeks blog!


 .... Oh, and also ... good call on the Cab.  A big-box 12 always sounds fantastic.  In the WGS demo booth we have a few big-box semi-open single 12 cabs (they have a big oval rear port) that sound HUGE!  Personally, I love my Burriss DC cab that can instantly switch from closed to open - it's a real tone life-saver on gigs.  Sometimes the stage is in a front corner of a club - with display windows on both sides!!  Other times you are in a padded hole in the wall.  It sure is cool to be able to totally re-voice the cab on the spot.

08/05/2011 8:04am

Thanks Vaughn.  The cab is finally done and I ended up with a Reaper.  Looks to be of very high quality and sounds great!   No offense, but the pics and clips don't do it justice.  Covers the vintage plexi types of tones very well while being able to handle the higher gain stuff also.  Very nice tone with a ton of attitude!  No regrets.  -  Matt