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The REAPER -ET65 Story behind me

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02/21/2014 10:08am

Hi Vaughn, hi all the nother Guys,

after testing a long time with different cabs, speakers, ideas and misideas I think I will

give someone maybe a start good idea about some WGS Speakers:


First, I have tried a lot of Celestions (Vintage 30, G12H-30, Creambacks), Jensens (P12N, C12N)

and Eminence too. By far they all have their pros and cons, some more, some less!

All in All I started a year ago with the WGS Family and it was a new start and I never knew where it ends!

The youtube videos are good (thanks to Vaughn for his neverending speakershootout!) but as you all

know its a basic but not the reality what someone really wants!

So I start with 2 of the ET 65, which I can say for me are the best overall alrounders I ever have had.

A G12-65 Celestion sounds strange less good more raspy and muddy for me!

The Ets have enough bottom, enough sparkle and worked well with a lot of diffrent amps!

After this I tried a 2x12er cab with a mix of Et65 and a Reaper, closed back. A good part too but I often

think that this works a little more better in semiopen back cabs!


Then my Reaper cab, 2 Reaper Hps in a closed Bluesbreaker cab. First I was a little sad about that what

it brings..but and this is the important way: Wait and Play, it needs always a time to break in.

Some days later when I play very rocky and heavy with this cab..the reaper Hps seemed to open up

their voice: Awesome what happened! New Tubes, new Amp...No not at all. The Reapers have found

their way, better for me than Retros or Vintage 30 types. The Reaper family for me has this mix tones

between bluesy, rocky, clean, just like a very good Rocking Speaker, not the heavy more gain but the

best moderate Rock Speaker for me, beside the ET 65!


If someone looks for the way between I would recommend try ET 65 and Reaper HP and give them

time to breath, time to swing in. WGS - priceworthy Speakers and the building is what a lot of Players

will satisfy.


Guys: I am not employee with WGS and I don't get any publicity graduation, but I like this

Speaker company for real good Speakers! Now do your own thing!



02/27/2014 1:34pm

Thanks for taking the time to keep us informed about your findings!

The new ET-90's have really been rocking my world ... might be something you will want to try at some time.  They are like an ET-65, but with more volume and "balls"...  but not quite as "organic" feeling as the 65.

Daniel St Peters
10/27/2017 7:53pm

Please explain how you are using "organic".

It isn't self explanatory, I'm afraid.


10/29/2017 7:42pm

I'm obviously not Vaughn, but my guess is that he meant there's less texture and compression to the 90 with its massive headroom and magnetic motor.

11/03/2017 10:17pm

The ET65 has a magical ability to make a sterile and lifeless amp sound full, warm and FULL of life. Some of that might be "compression" ... but overall, I think it's that the ingredients are in perfect harmony on that speaker ... and it results in a very harmonically rich sound that is both very warm, fat & juicy ... while simultaneously possessing a smooth, sweet sparkly top end. The ET65 can make a good solid-state amp sound like a good tube amp ... and make a great tube amp sound flat fantastic.

So ... I sum all of that up as "organic" ... kinda the opposite of sterile, lifeless, harsh, hyped, or otherwise unnatural ...