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Reaper 55 + Invader

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09/23/2011 12:48pm


I was just thinking about this combination.

I have a Reaper 55 in a closed back cab. I think it's a great speaker for what I play, that is classic rock stuff.

I was thinking in doing a 2x12 or a 4x12 with the Reaper HP but I liked so much the sound of the Reaper 55 that I was wondering: what if I use the Reaper 55 with the Invader?

Mostly I will use these with my 30w amp with 6V6 and my 50w amp with 6550 to play classic rock stuff...

What do you say about this combination?



10/11/2011 8:20pm

Sorry ... thought I answered this already ... anywho ...

Yea, that's an awesome combination.  The Invader is a GB with all the kinks ironed out, and the 55 really holds together well on the bottom end - together they are magic!

06/13/2012 4:29am


I'm currently looking for a fitting replacement for my closed 1960 Marshall cabinet. It was originally loaded with 4 Celestion GT12-75, which I actually never liked.

I was wondering if the combo of 2 Invaders and 2 Reapers 55 is a good match for Classic Rock played trough a LONDON CITY DEA 70 Amp [50 watts] which is somewhat a clone of the Marshall Super Lead. The fact that the amp is a lil' brighter sounding than the original (Marshall) made me think of the Invader/Reaper 55 combination, cause I expect the Reaper to extend the bottom end. Do you think this will work???


Svette :o)

06/14/2012 1:36pm

Easy answer: yes :-)