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8" G8A Alnico - 20 Watts

8" G8A Alnico - 20 Watts


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For our 10th Anniversary we wanted to do something special, an 8" speaker dripping with tone and vintage goodness. The G8A picks up where our award winning G8C left off. With great AlNiCo chime and compression, this speaker is sure to take your vintage Champ to a whole new level. Perfect for any guitar amp requiring an 8" speaker where tone and quality are paramount.


  • Diameter 8 3/16”
  • Overall depth 4 1/16”
  • Cut-out diameter 7 3/16”
  • Mounting slot dimensions .18"x.3”
  • Number of mounting slots: 4
  • Mounting slot PCD 7 3/4”



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Michael Granka
    Fender Champ

    Very happy with sound of this speaker. It brought my 50 year old fender champ back life.

    Clint Thomson
    Warehouse G8A

    This is a really great speaker, exactly what I was looking for in my vintage Vibro Champ...I have a g8c in another Vibro Champ and now the 2 running/blending in stereo is really great. Highly recommend this speaker!!

    Review of Don on 8" G8A Alnico - 20 Watts

    Bought the g8a 4 ohm as a replacement speaker for a ‘67 Fender Vibro Champ and it is a awesome sounding 8”. This speaker sounds way better than the original Oxford. Also a much louder. Usually Vibro champs are a little trebley, but this speaker brings some bottom end which I really wanted. Sounds really good at lower volumes and dimed is right where I like it. Breaks up well and remains clear. Also great with overdrive, delay and fuzz. This was my first WGS speaker and I am very impressed. Will be buying more speakers from them down the road.

    Jason C. Arthur
    Review of Jason C. Arthur on 8" G8A Alnico - 20 Watts

    I am running the WGS G8A in a pair of JCA Circuits”Vibe” amps.. I was looking for something with the absolute maximum audio/tactile performance as well as being superbly built. They also happen to look really great. I chose these based on my previous experience with WGS speakers as well as reading several great reviews online.

    The sound is open, clear, tactile, and coherent. There isn’t a ton of breakup with these particular amps until we’ll past 2 o clock. Once the amp is breathing hard, the breakup in this speaker is loud, clear, smooth, a bit round and not edgy. It stays together well. Also, when the front end of the amp is hit with effects (it can handle this properly) and the power amp opens up, the speaker-amplifier damping holds true and allows great note articulation with things like delays and reverb. Perfect.

    Under heavier distortion like stacking a Muff/OD combo, things stay smooth and loud. I have really garnered a love for a great 8” alnico being driven by a harmonically dense yet clear amp. It’s like scaling down your favorite large rig you can lean back into-just not as brutal on the audience.

    These approach the perfect speaker sound in my mind. They don’t move as much air as a 10-12-15. However, the quality of each note is superb-just scaled down in the soundstage.

    I think these would work great in most single ended and/or very low power push pull guitar amps-say below 15 watts or so. They have a tactile speed and control which follows the players fingers so well that seem to compliment any playing style I’m familiar with.

    Love em. Can’t wait to come up with more amps to use them with.

    Andre H
    Review of Andre H on 8" G8A Alnico - 20 Watts

    It arrived a few hours ago. Nicely packaged! Really nice overall appearance. Heavy large mag bigger than the pretty nice Weber Sig A 8" that was an upgrade to my son's Blackstar HT-1R amp (with upgraded w Mercury magnetics and JJ tubes by previous owner). I swapped the speaker and immediately it was nicer overall. My son plays guitar and wants to record now. It was a fuller sound nice chime, grit and bass for a small speaker. This Blackstar can't be loaded much better and it really sounds sweet, could play a small venue. I want to build a 2x8 cabinet now and put these in there. Thanks WGS, great deal on a fabulous speaker for guitar. I'm sure the 10's and 12's must sound unreal too.

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