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12" ET90 - 90 Watts

12" ET90 - 90 Watts


The ET90 is our latest addition to the ET65 lineage. Taking its core sound from the ET65, the ET90 gives you more all the way around. We went to a larger motor and a beefier voice coil on this model. The result is more headroom, more power handling, and a bigger feel. If you've been looking for a classic British tone with an "open" feel and a lot of power, the ET90 is your new favorite.


  • Diameter 12 3/16”
  • Overall depth 5 3/16”
  • Cut-out diameter 11”
  • Mounting slot dimensions 1/4”
  • Number of mounting slots: 8
  • Mounting slot PCD 11 3/4”




Resonant Frequency (Fs):

100.14 Hz

DC Resistance (Re):

8.04 Ohm

Coil Inductance (Le):

0.33 mH

Mechanical Q (Qms):


Electromagnetic Q (Qes):


Total Q (Qts):


Compliance Equiv. Vol. (Vas):

16.03 cu ft

Mech. Compliance of Susp. (Cms):

0.08 mm/N

BL Product (BL):

13.95 T-M

Diaphragm Mass Inc. Airload (Mms):

29.95 grams

Surface Area of Cone (Sd):

366.1 Surface Area of Cone (Sd):

Sound Pressure Level (spl):

99.94 db

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
My favorite speaker

I use these in all my Two Rock and Fender amps, haven't found any speaker that sounds better for these amps.

Michael Atwood

I recently purchased a pair of the ET 90 speakers and I am absolutely floored with how good these sound and the best part is that they are made right here in the USA. I could have purchased celestion speakers for the same money that were made in China really glad I made this choice instead. Going forward all of my replacement speaker needs will go thru WGS. Their service was outstanding I was having an issue with the shipping company so I reached out to WGS and they reached out and cleared the issue up within 24 hours.

Ted Bizon
Great customer service on one of my favorite speakers

the et90 can push so much low end while being present in the mix. I love how this is like a pa speaker built for guitar. You really get the amps full character and pedals sound big and open without any spikes in the highs, this is one of my go to speakers in every enclosure. The first speaker was damaged by the carrier and WGS got me another one out in 2 days. Great service!

Jordan E
As if there was any question!

You’re reading this because you’re trying to convince yourself you don’t want the speaker. (Nobody reads these things for the good, they want to know the bad.) So I’ll keep it simple…

Good - great speaker, great clarity, great tone, looks snappy, and can handle some serious power

Bad - you will get yelled at by your significant other for playing too loud, you will be more confident in your day to day life, you will convince yourself that the ringing in your ears is from your drummer…not you cranking it alllllll the way up, and you will finally know what it feels like to be riding on the back of a winged steed into an ax-laiden battlefield.

So yeah, it only sucks if you don’t want to harness the power of the olde Norse gods when making your thunderous rock’n’roll… but to each their own.

Greg Landis

12" ET90 - 90 Watts

Artists that use this speaker:

Anton Newcombe

Anton Newcombe

Anton is the driving force of one of the most prolific groups in history, The Brian Jonestown Massacre. On tour and in his studio, Anton uses ET90s and Veteran 10s in his vintage Twin and Super Reverb combos, respectively.

Jeff McErlain

Jeff McErlain

Brooklyn guitarist Jeff McErlain’s style of blues rock draws from his roots listening to Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Alan Holdworth, Eddie Van Halen, and Michael Schenker. Heavily influenced by classic rock and metal, Jeff soon expanded his musical tastes to the jazz and fusion of Miles Davis and John Coltrane, as well as the classic blues of Howling Wolf and Little Walter.

Jeff has toured and performed with Robben Ford, David Grissom, Matt Schofield, Jimmy Haslip, Toss Panos, Keith Carlock, and others.

Jeff is an in demand instructor and clinician with almost 30 courses with TrueFire, and runs an online classroom, The Juke Joint. He has taught and performed at the Crown Guitar Festival, Bath Guitar Festival, Umbria Blues Festival, National Guitar Workshop, Ruby Mountain Guitar Festival, and Robben Ford’s Traveling Dojo.

Jeff is about to release his latest CD “Now” featuring Robben Ford, who both produced and performed on the record.

"Whether in Two-Rocks or old Marshall, WGS speakers always sound great.”

Diarrhea Planet

Diarrhea Planet

Diarrhea Planet were a six-piece garage punk band from Nashville, Tennessee, active from 2009-2018. The band comprises singer-guitarist Jordan Smith, guitarist-singer Emmett Miller, guitarist Evan Bird, guitarist-singer Brent Toler, bassist Mike Boyle, and drummer Ian Bush. Diarrhea Planet has described its sound as "pop played through the filter of heavy metal". The guitars on DP's last album, "Turn to Gold", were recorded largely using WGS ET65s.

Crazy Aces

Crazy Aces

Crazy Aces is an instrumental band from Nashville Tennessee with a guitar driven, twangy sound. Guitarists Jeff Senn and Kiwamu Stewart with Alex McCullough on bass, using the 60's sounds of Surf, Go-Go, and Spy music as inspiration, create their own interpretation of a style that evokes rebellion, mystery, and booty shaking fun. Raucous fuzz, throbbing tremolo, vintage reverb, and unrelenting electric guitar riffs combined with pounding tom toms, catchy grooves, and sexy, almost menacing bass lines are combined together to create an experience that while seeming familiar is in fact completely and originally Crazy Aces.

Their two full length releases (Greatest Hits Volume 2 and Surfadelic Spy-a-Go-Go) have received accolades and praise from throughout the Instro music press and the band has been featured in both Guitar Player and Vintage Guitar magazines.