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Pignose G60VR 60 watt valve tube amp

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08/04/2015 5:56pm

I saw a post about the 40 watt Pignose on this forum so I thought I would ask about a 12" replacement speaker for the 60 watt Pignose tube amp. I have used this amp for years for straight ahead jazz. Actually I endorse for Peerless guitars here in the US, and at one time I was an endorsee of this amp. It really is a killer little tube amp. Too bad they quit making it.

At any rate.... someone suggested the C12C/S to try. I am curious about the differences of the regular C12C and the /S. Chimey top end doesn't describe the differnce to me. I don't need a chimey top end. I don't play a strat. I need clean, clear sound with lots of headroom. Warm is fine as long as it isn't a mis-stated reference to muddy or thunky. I play flat - no EQ. The EQ on this amp sucks anyway, so luckily I don't need it. Just a carved spruce top 17" archtop, the tubes (2 6L6 and 4 12AX7A) and the speaker. I have the stock Pignose 12" which has been OK. I put a Celestion in it one time when I blew the original and I couldn't get it out of there fast enough. G12H-80. Nasty speaker. I'm sure it wasn't designed for jazz (or anything else resembling music for that matter)

Anyway, I got the stock $25 replacement speaker from Pignose and it was a relief to get the original sound back, so I left it that way.

Don't get me wrong, I do know a good speaker. I have a vintage JBL D110F in a early 90's Fender Sidekick 25 and it is tits for jazz and solid state. I just think it's time to get the Pignose a better speaker. 

So....... why would I want a C12C or a /S in this tube amp? 75 watts seems enough. Better than 50. Or is this a 50 watt with the definition stretched? And, we are talking jazz here. I don't want break up, I don't want a tin can high end. I don't want it to woof, bark, roll over or play dead. I just want the faithful, neutral, transarent sound of a fat archtop going through vacuum tubes and I would like more kick (volume) than the stock speaker. 

I have also seen another WGS 12" model mentioned in some posts. Is there any other model that I might explore?

Thanks in advance.

Doc Dosco / Peerless Guitars





08/04/2015 7:14pm

Yea ... I think the G12C/S would be a good choice too ... given what I know about the G40V ... but I've never played a G60V.  Another excellent choice for Jazz would be either the ET65 or ET90.  Oh, and WGS speakers are rated for REAL tube watts ... ie, a 50-watt speaker is safe all by itself in a 50-watt tube amp!

08/05/2015 12:26pm


Thanks for the reply. I suggest you try the 60 watt. You can find them cheap on Ebay because no one knows what the heck they have. I had the 40 watt. I blew it up on a gig and just pulled the tubes and ditched the carcass. The 60 watt is so much better in every way (for me anyway) that I never bothered to get another 40. If you like that 40 you will love the 60. I promise!

I am not sure why Howard never did another manufacturing run of the tube amps. I would guess that his Chinese manufacturing deal fell through. They had to be built at a certain price point for him to sell them here at the ridiculously low MAP price he had. I think that perhaps the QC took a hit also. A number of the later models weren't built as tight as the early ones and maybe warranty was a headache. I resold a bunch of Pignose tube amps early on with Peerless guitars, and I never really got a lemon. I guess I was lucky.

Anyway, so the differences betwen the ET90 and G12C/S? Weight? loudnessness? clarity? tone? I see WGS has Alnico also, and I love that style of speakers, but they are way pricey.

What is the tonal difference in either of the 2 speakers mentioned (ET90, G12C/S) and the Alnico model? Does the Alnico have crisper highs, more volume? Why is it 3 or more times the price? I always wondered about that.

Lastly, why the G12C and the G12C/S? Are they that different?

Thanks for any info I can get. The Internet world of guitar speakers is a confusing labyrinth of specs, descriptions and opinions....

Doc Dosco


MIchael Wojciak
09/11/2018 10:50pm

Resurrecting this one....what speaker did you settle on for the G60VR? I read some 12" speakers don't fit? Thanks

MIchael Wojciak
09/11/2018 10:50pm

Resurrecting this one....what speaker did you settle on for the G60VR? I read some 12" speakers don't fit? Thanks